This week Damo dropped a bomb! He told Michele and Craig that there was going to be a special guest calling in to the show. They had no idea who it was going to be until the moment the phone rang and they heard the voice on the other end of the phone. The first live interview the crew have done on the show and it is most amusing. Tune in to see just who was calling the show to give us the goss. Trust me, it’s hilarious! As usual the gang get up to all sorts of shenanigans and Craig steps up to The Things challenge because none of you could be bothered to win prizes. We also pay homage and tribute to Jay Curley from Proton Energy Pills / Brother Brick / Tumbleweed. There’s so much packed into this episode and even some songs that we never thought would ever get played on the show. We spin some new releases from the likes of Fozzy, Loose Pills and The Reprobettes and a bunch of golden greats. This one rules and you can listen right now by clicking on this link

Enjoy tunes by:
Proton Energy Pills
The Things (with guest star, Craig!!!)
The Hussy
Loose Pills
The Reprobettes
The Shine
Tax The Heat
Lawnmower Deth


Ok, so this week we delved into the world of body parts and we play the most interesting collection of tunes. Why we tackled this idea, I don’t know but it happened and it’s wild. Michele, Damo and Craig deliver another lengthy podcast of comedic value. You can listen in right now by clicking on this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
The Hard-Ons
The Specimens
The Midnight Evils
The Queers
The Nobodys
Ronnie Spector
The Hellacopters
Dum Dum Girls
Screeching Weasel
The Turkletons
Asteroid B-612


So here we go again with a huge double episode for you. So what happened to last week’s show? All is explained in this week’s episode. This time we travel to all corners of the world to bring you an amazing bunch of songs. There’s rants, travel stories, and all round good times and even a few prank calls by the mighty Touch-Tone Terrorists. Craig, Michele and Damo have managed to dish up 3 of the most hilarious hours of your life. Listen to it now right here at this link (or right click and save as for the mp3) and enjoy! This one is fun fun fun!

Enjoy tunes by:
Gooch Palms
The Royal Beat Conspiracy
Rival Sons
The Dirtbombs
The Mansfields
Naked City
3 Headed Dog
Alkaline Trio
Andrew WK
The Wildhearts
Dear Landlord
The Yo-Yo’s
The Sonics
The Victims

The documentaries we discuss on the podcast…


And we are back again with another lengthy and crazy podcast of kickass music and online antics. We cover everything and then some. From music to movies from all corners of the planet including homegrown tunes from right here in Australia. Nothing major, all indie. This is where it happens, my friends. Listen now by clicking this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
Hammered Satin
Where’s The Pope?
Reverend Beat-Man
Stiff Meat
I Am The Avalanche
Mesa Cosa
The King Khan & BBQ Show
Colt Turkey
Peach Kelli Pop
The Nomads
Urban Junior


We promised it and we delivered. This weeks show is an ode to skateboarding filled with skate music and skate talk. There’s stories of skating and praise for those who do it and have done it. From the Z-Boys to the Bones Brigade and beyond, nothing is sacred in this episode and we even throw out a competition where you shredding guitarists could win a prize pack of random awesomeness. True! So what are you waiting for? This is possibly the best episode yet. A podcast of comedic value that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Go buy some records and ride a half pipe or hang off a helicopter like Danny Way and Bob Burnquist. Oh and listen to the new episode by clicking this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
The Stupids
Screeching Weasel
Fu Manchu
Space Juniors
Teenage Bottlerocket
The Shrine
Sneakers And Lace
Gang Green
The Things


Woah! Strap yourself in for a long ride as this show went overboard with antics and insane ramblings from the LGL crew. Once again Damo, Craig and Michele take you through all things awesome. There’s news, there’s obituaries, there’s birthdays, and there’s also heaps good music too! I dunno how we did it but this show is a whopping 3 hours but if you have nothing better to do and you’re sick of the radio, then tune in and listen to the comedic value that the LGL show will bring. Please remember to take everything said with a pinch of salt. We’re here for a good time, not a bad time. Sit back, turn it up and enjoy by clicking this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Naked Raygun
Ginger Wildheart
Frank Popp Ensemble
Gorilla Biscuits
Bullet Lavolta
Against Me!
Teen Machine
7 Seconds
Order Of Decay
The Replacements


With Tommy Ramone’s passing this week, Michele, Craig and myself have dedicated a show to honour the world’s greatest band. From Joey’s humble beginnings in glam rock outfit Sniper through to their last album, Adios Amigos, we pay tribute to the brothers from Queens telling stories and anecdotes and bits of trivia about the one band that kickstarted a whole genre of music. Not only that but we play all music that was inspired by the Ramones, whether lyrically, musically or both. It’s all here and you can listen to it right now by clicking this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
Iron Chic
Sloppy Seconds
The Queers
The Dahlmanns
Screeching Weasel
Masked Intruder
The Transgressions
The Eastern Dark
The Mr T Experience

Joey Ramone RIP
Dee Dee Ramone RIP
Johnny Ramone RIP
Tommy Ramone RIP