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Episode 161

This week’s guest is none other than Nicole Laurenne, vocalist and keyboardist for Alternative Tentacles recording artists, The Darts. But that’s not all! She fronted the awesome garage rock band, The love Me Nots, and she is just an all round awesome gal and I am stoked she is here today to talk to us about the world of The Darts and other such random things. Heaps good!

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This week’s episode is a double dose of radness. You get not one but TWO interviews on the one show. Basically, they’re both short interviews around 20 – 25 minutes each so I put them both together and now you get the best of both worlds. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. Both of these guys are touring Australia with their respective bands so get on out and see their shows. First up is Denis ”Snake” Bélanger from VoiVod talks about the early years of VoiVod and Jello Biafra putting out their demo and also one of the most incredible gig line-ups I’d ever heard that totally blew me away and I had to nerd out on that with him and get the deal. Michale Graves dives in on his time with the Misfits, obviously, but also touring with Marky Ramone, working with Daniel Rey, plus more. I really hope you enjoy these quick chats.

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So on Halloween 2016, The Bronx played at Festival Hall and that’s when the idea came to my mind to organise this week’s guest, the lovely and talented Rebecca Schlappich, to come on the show and talk about her incredible career in music, most notably her work with Mariachi El Bronx.

So while it took a long time to get happening, the good news is that it’s here right now and it’s heaps good. Topics mentioned include things like discovering punk, Alternative Tentacles, My Chemical Romance, Murder By Death, Eyeball Records, Electric Century, Jello Biafra, Richard Wagner, and I even found a way to slip some Manowar into the conversation. And why not?

We also discuss her work with Kiss Kiss, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Age Of Rockets, Quartet 405, Mariachi Divas, and of course Mariachi El Bronx. So as you can see, it’s an action packed episode of radness and you can hear it right now by clicking on THIS LINK. Feel free to subscribe by clicking that link on the left. Enjoy! (more…)

Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, Neurosis’ frontman, Scott Kelly, toured Australia for a handful of intimate acoustic shows with support from none other than John Baizley from Baroness and Blackie from The Hard-Ons. Before the show in Melbourne, I sat with Scott Kelly and chatted with him about all things Neurosis and other such delights. Having been a Neurosis fan since the release of Souls At Zero, this interview was long overdue. I had wanted to include Neurosis in an issue of Long Gone Loser for years so when the opportunity came up to interview one of the band’s driving forces, I immediately jumped up and found myself at the Corner Hotel armed with my iPhone and questions to conduct an interview that can now be ticked off the bucket list. Now on the lead-up to his return to our shores in November, I felt that this interview is a good taster to get you guys psyched for the shows that I am sure will be nothing short of phenomenal. (more…)