She’s adorable, she’s talented, she’s Ainslie Adams; a burlesque dancer and a Suicide Girl Hopeful from Melbourne and she’s on the latest episode of the LGL Podcast to talk about all things burlesque and Suicide Girls from her beginnings to today and beyond. It turned out to be quite a fun chat and I should also point out that she also chose all the music for the show and from the photo below, she most certainly has bitchin’ taste in rock! You can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK.


Enjoy tunes by:
Fu Manchu
The Black Keys
Motorhead with Girlschool
ZZ Top
Motley Crue
Twisted Sister
Led Zeppelin
Skid Row
Rolling Stones
The Bronx

Find out more about Ainslie Adams at her website: www.ainslieadams.com
Follow her on Suicide Girls at: suicidegirls.com/members/ainslie/
Follow her on Instagram @ainslie_adams
Follow her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/ainslieadamsburlesque/




This week the gang of Amy, Andrew, Michele and Damo are back with another variety show filled with rad tunes and classic moments. We give our thoughts on the new series of the X-Files, Damo gives his thoughts on the Royal Rumble, we talk video games, movies, all the usual shenanigans and more on this trainwreck of radness! You can listen to the show right now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by these awesome bands:
Backyard Babies
Iron Chic
The Meanies
The Wildhearts
The Hellacopters
Beach Slang
The Getaway Plan
The Copyrights
Blues Pills




This week is a really good fun show as Damo interviews drummer Rick McMurray from Ireland rockers ASH ahead of their Australian tour. This is a great walk down memory lane and Rick clears up some of the stories revolving the ASH legacy. There’s tunes, there’s laughs, there’s good times and you’re going to love it! You can listen to the show right now by simply clicking on THIS LINK.

Catch the band on tour at these shows:


Friday 11th March: MELBOURNE – Corner Hotel
Saturday 12th March: SYDNEY – Max Watts
Wednesday 16th March: BRISBANE – The Triffid
Friday 18th March: ADELAIDE – The Gov
Saturday 19th March: PERTH – The Rosemount



How good were The Victims?! These cats were awesome. Many years ago I was give a tap that had two awesome live Hoodoo Gurus shows (I will get around to uploading them someday) and a show by The Victims. I didn’t know much about them at the time but once I viewed this gem, I knew I was going to be searching everywhere til I found their records. Every store I went to resulted in me saying “Have you got the records by The Victims?” and I was always met with “I haven’t seen those for years and when they come up, they’re not cheap!” But i refused to give up! Somewhere, in some store around the planet there had to be some records by this Perth trio sitting on some shelf collecting dust with a $2 price tag unbeknownst to the stores owner.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I stumbled into a record store in Japan that I was able to get my hands on a collection of the bands complete recordings PLUS a bunch of demos on vinyl via a Japanese label called 1977 Records. I was in heaven! After 20+ years of searching, I finally found the Victims recordings on vinyl. Yay! See, my friends, never give up!

Anyway, I decided to upload The Victims live show that I had on VHS cos I figured that everyone needs to see it. So here it is featuring a very young Dave Faulkner (aka Dave Flick) on guitar and vocals and James Baker on the drums. Check it out!

Bonus ramblings: Last year I got to see a reunion of sorts as Dave and James together with Ray Ahn from The Hard-Ons reformed a version of The Victims known as The Television Addicts. They were great and a ton of fun. It was interesting to hear Dave playing a looser style of music with The Victims compared to the very perfected and precise tunes of the Hoodoo Gurus. Good times all round.

Years ago, back in the days of VHS tapes, I was given this heavy metal music video magazine type thing and there was this segment on this band called SHRAPNEL. Well, I think that was their name, they don’t actually say it in the video but I kinda put 2 and 2 together and that’s the best I could come up with by matching names to segments from the back cover to the segments in the video. Anyway, being a huge fan of skateboarding and the like, I saw this footage and became intrigued. Who are these guys? Where were they from? What did they release? and of course the age old question, where are they now?

So I decided to upload this video segment to see if we can get some intel and jog some memories of our LGL listerners & readership to see if we can find out more about these rockers or if any of you were at these famed parties they speak of…


Entombed A.D.

This week’s episode is an all exclusive interview with vocalist LG Petrov of Sweden’s very own death metal legends, ENTOMBED A.D., hot on the heels of their brand new album, Dead Dawn, which comes out February 26th through Century Media. In this interview LG talks about meeting drummer and Hellacopters frontman, Nicke Andersson and forming the band Nihilist, discovering rock music and incorporating it into their style, Motorhead, Scandinavian black metal, recording their new album, and heaps more. This show is an hour long and is sure to please any fan of Entombed so have a listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK.


Enjoy the following tunes:
ENTOMBED – Left Hand Path
NIHILIST – Sentenced To Death
NIHILIST – Radiation Sickness (Repulsion cover)
ENTOMBED – Shreds Of Flesh
ENTOMBED – The Night Of The Vampire (Roky Erickson cover)
ENTOMBED – Wolverine Blues
ENTOMBED – Like This With The Devil
ENTOMBED – Vices By Proxy
ENTOMBED A.D. – The Winner Has Lost

You can find Entombed A.D. online here: https://www.facebook.com/EntombedAD
You can find more info about Entombed A.D. releases here: http://www.centurymedia.com/artist.aspx?IdArtist=708
You can buy Entombed’s releases here: http://uswebstore.earache.com/A-Z/d-f/entombed

You can listen to Midas In Reverse from their new album, Dead Dawn, below:



This week Andrew, Michele and Damo recall their first ever concerts and we hear new tracks from Anthrax, Republikans and The Bayonets. Damo reviews the Melbourne Nightwish concert, talks about the Lemmy memorial and the passing of David Bowie. We talk video games, punk rock, horror movies, Star Wars, bullying, and all the usual shenanigans that you’re accustomed to on the LGL ROCK SHOW. Listen to the show now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
The Bronx
David Bowie
The Get-Up Kids
The Bayonets
Hanoi Rocks
Bob Mould
Marvelous 3