Episode 27

The gang is back! Craig and Damo talk rock, talk new pre-orders, talk Twisted Sister, and Terra tells all about her Wu-Tang concert experience. You wanted shenanigans? You got them! You wanted great tunes? We got those too! You can listen in now by clicking this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
Twisted Sister
Hot Lunch
The Faders
Red Planet Rocketts
Matthew Good Band
Guns N Wankers
Body Count
Magic Dirt
Peter Pan Speedrock
Choking Victim


Episode 26

We are back again to discuss all things Trick Or Treat; yes, the comedy horror heavy metal movie from 1986 starring Skippy from Family Ties. A classic film and Craig, Terra and Peta put their knowledge to the test in another hilarious quiz of antics and good times. Sometimes alcohol and a movie quiz don’t mix. This show is an absolute riot and you can listen right now by clicking on this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Ozzy Osbourne
Andrew WK
The Copyrights
The Damned
Boris The Sprinkler
Righteous Pigs
Screeching Weasel
Twisted Sister
The Boys
Frenzal Rhomb


Episode 25

We are back once again with a whole bunch of great tunes including some new releases that were sent to the show. Yay! We really appreciate all those bands who send us music to play. I hope you all enjoy the tunes and you can dig right in to the show by clicking this link and it will play right away. You can also subscribe to the show right there on the left hand side and you’ll never miss an episode. Woohoo!!!

Enjoy tunes by:
Skid Row
The Muffs
The Hitgirls
Blind Mice
Ginger Wildheart & Courtney Love
Frenzal Rhomb
The Piperita Patties
Nuclear Assault
Jello Biafra & The Melvins
The Hot Pockets
REO Speedealer
Shovels & Rope
First Aid Kit
The Peawees


Episode 24

We are back with a huge wrap up of all things Soundwave as the gang look back over the past week and delve into the good times that we had at the Soundwave festival and the side-shows that we attended. It’s good times the whole way through and we dish out some killer tunes. You’ll dig it. Awesome stuff! Have a listen now by clicking this link and it shall start immediately. Also, see that link on the left that says subscribe to the podcast? You should click that as well and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Hell yeah!

Enjoy tunes by:
Rise Against
Smashing Pumpkins
Body Count
The Aquabats
Judas Priest
The Flaming Sideburns


Episode 23

Yay! We are back again with a special SOUNDWAVE 2015 edition of the Long Gone Loser Rock Show. Damo and Peta bring you all the cool music and chit chat that you have come to expect from the gang and the music this week is insanely rad! Get listening by clicking this link and if you haven’t already, click the subscribe link over there on the left and never miss an episode!

Enjoy tunes by:
Fucked Up
Steel Panther
The Donnas
The Wonder Years
Rocket From The Crypt
Dinosaur Jr
The Hellacopters
Alkaline Trio
Buellah’s Fix
Rust Proof
13th Floor Elevators
Prima Donna


Episode 22

We are back with another dose of awesomeness as we delve into a whole bunch of new releases while Craig gives us the deal on stalking rockstars. Strap yourselves in cos this one is a wild ride! You can listen right now by simply clicking this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
Hard Action
Courtney Love & Ginger Wildheart
The Gooch Palms
Joey Ramone & General Johnson
Sloppy Seconds
Screeching Weasel
The Villenettes
Ella Hooper
The Pandoras
Less Than Jake
The Victims
Born Against
The Methadones

Honestly, how could you go wrong with a made-for-TV movie titled Sharknado that stars Beverly Hills 90210 hack Ian Ziering and Josie and the Pussycats own Tara Reid? Add some terrible acting, awful one liners and a great storyline about tornadoes and sharks attacking the California coast line and you’re sure to have some ridiculously good times.

Fin Shepard (Ziering) owns a bar by the beach. Suddenly there’s a shark attack on the beach and all hell breaks loose when a shark comes flying through the window of the bar due to an insane storm that is ravaging California. Along with his sultry bikini clad bar tender, Nova Clarke (Cassie Scerbo), and his Aussie mate Baz (Jaason Simmons) they head inland to save Fin’s family played by Tara Reid and two other randoms playing his kids. The streets are flooded and there are sharks everywhere. It’s kinda ridiculous and you have to suspend disbelief but who cares, you’re watching a movie called Sharknado so you expect awesomeness.

They aim to get to higher ground and they go to a flying school, build bombs and take on the sharknados (there’s now 3 of them). They came up with some ingenious plan to drop bombs into the tornadoes and they will blow them up as apparently science says that you can blow up tornadoes and they stop being tornadoes. Or something.

I won’t spoil it for you but let me just say that this movie was a good time. It’s a nice pisstake on the disaster film genre of which there are many. It’s good humour with some classic moments thrown in. The effects aren’t bad and in blu ray, this movie looks sweet as! There’s tons of action, some nice bloody shark killings and a lot of moments that will make you laugh at the films shameless parody of all that is wrong with Hollywood. I had fun watching Sharknado and I really am looking forward to seeing Sharknado 2. How bad could it be?

The Blu Ray looks stunning and the extras include commentary with the cast and crew, a gag reel, and a making of Sharknado featurette.

I give Sharknado a whopping 4 Cassie Scerbo’s out of 5.