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Episode 94

This week’s show features a chat with Jason Kottwitz aka Ginchy, the guitar slinger from Austin punk rock mofo’s, The Bulemics. When not being a punk rock legend with those ruffians, he is backing legends like Cheetah Chrome and Sylvain Sylvain and traveling to the land of the rising sun. I figured it’s as good a time as any to get him on the show to talk about getting involved with all this punk rock mess and how he found the awesomeness that is Japan and where to from here? If you’re a fan of the NYC punk rock n roll scene then this show is sure to please. You can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show by following the link over there on the left. (more…)




This week we feature an in depth interview with Rock’s very own egg; Bil McRackin of Vancouver pop punkers, the McRackins! This interview covers all bases from their humble beginnings in the early 90s right through til the modern day. It’s a fun filled adventure with stories detailing their hair metal beginnings, their unfortunate Colorado bus crash, their overseas tours, the Ramones, the solo projects, and a whole lot more. Filled with songs and awesomeness, you can hear this episode right now by clicking on this link. (more…)

Anyone who knows me personally knows that The Wildhearts are a big deal to me and a bunch of my friends. Why? Just cos they have that something that so many other bands lack. They’re not doing a lot these days but frontman, Ginger, is still active as one of the guitarists in Michael Monroe’s solo band and he also fronts his own solo band. In fact, this solo band has a new album planned. Heaps good! ANYWAY, a good mate of mine, Nick, hosts a vote every week with Ginger where people on Twitter can vote for a movie to watch on the weekend and Nick will find it online and direct you where to watch it. Everything is on there and is yours for viewing. Anyway, it seemed fitting that Nick interviewed his cohort of cinematic bliss. Here is what transpired… take it away, Nick! (more…)

So what happens when you mix 2 awesome singer / songwriters with a kick ass country? You wind up with this interview. Shot during the band’s time in Japan earlier this year for the Summersonic festivals, you will find some interesting stories and anecdotes from Michael regarding the band and how they got together to kick out the jams and rock like fuck. This is pretty darn cool. Enjoy!