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Back in 1991, I think it was, I went record shopping at my fave record store at the time, Thrash Grind Grunge, in Adelaide. There was this guy named Greg and he was running a distro called Spiral Objective out of the store. All you had to do was bring the catalogue in with you and you got the stuff you wanted at the catalogue price. This was a super awesome idea and I must have spent tons of cash in this place over the years. One Saturday afternoon I was in the store buying records by Green Day and Parasites when Greg was telling me about some other Ramonesy bands that I needed to hear. He played me this album titled ‘My Brain Hurts’ by a band called Screeching Weasel. Within seconds I was hooked. I couldn’t believe my ears. I bought the CD and walked out of the store smiling ear to ear. This couldn’t really be happening, could it? Have I just discovered a band as good as the Ramones and the Hard-Ons? It appears that I had finally found an album that was on par with the likes of ‘Rocket To Russia’ and ‘Love Is A Battlefield of Broken Hearts’. When I got back to my mates house, I played the album to him. We must have listened to it about 10 times in a row. Yeah, 5 hours later we were still listening to it. It didn’t get boring. All we wanted to do was listen to it again and again. That began my love of the Chicago punk rock band, Screeching Weasel. I then set out to find every record, CD, 8-Track, etc. that I could find by the band. It was a hard feat but it needed to be done. I did ok. I didn’t find them all but I managed to get about 95% of them. That works for me. What? You want me to get to the new downloadable song? Hang on a sec, just keep reading… don’t be so impatient. Didn’t your mum teach you anything?


25 years of catchy punk rock… it’s a feat not too many bands can say they have upheld. Okay, technically, one could argue that it hasn’t really been 25 years as they have been split up for a considerable amount of years during that time, playing one off shows here and there and Ben Weasel has done some solo stuff as well, but still, like all good bands, they got back on the horse, and delivered exactly what it is you would want from them: another Screeching Weasel record. They’re a band who never drifted from their style, always sticking to their guns and just going for it. Next month sees the release of the band’s latest album titled ‘First World Manifesto’ on the renowned Fat Wreck Chords label and the lads have been nice enough to allow us a sneak peak into the new record by giving the world a song to download, which you can do so by following this link.

I have heard it and it’s just as I would expect. A fun, uplifting punk rock tune from the Ramones mold. I can’t wait for this album. Should be a hoot! Now, who else is joining me for the Weasel Weekend in Chicago? It’s my birthday, come and celebrate with me and buy me drinks (of water). Let’s rock!

In other Screeching Weasel news, Midway Pictures are releasing a doco / movie on the band and I hope that when it gets released, the DVD comes with about 3 bonus discs of live footage and rehearsals n stuff and that the feature length ‘Disgusteen’ gay vampire movie that Ben Weasel made is included so I don’t have to watch my horrible VHS 27th generation dub of this cult schlock. I could go on but I won’t… click here for more information on this should-be-awesome movie.

You can pre-order the new Screeching Weasel album right here through Interpunk.
Screeching Weasel online
Fat Wreck Chords


I love Japan, it’s as simple as that. I have been there a number of times and you really can’t beat the awesomeness of the place. It’s like one giant amusement park with lots of bright lights, nice people and great music. This video below was a segment from a TV show on Japanese culture that was screened on Australian TV about 15 years ago. I think this video is the one thing that kicked off my fascination with Japan. I had been discovering the whole Estrus Records thing with my first purchase of Japanese rock n roll being a 7″ by The’s called ‘I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield’ (ES750), bought purely because I also have a fascination with the life of Jayne Mansfield; my favourite blonde bombshell who sadly saw her fate in a car crash on June 29, 1967 at the young age of 34 (yeah, I am such a Jayne geek that I actually know that). ANYWAY, upon receiving the record in the mail, I played the wax immediately and became intrigued with Japanese rock n roll. There was something cool and quirky about this band, The’s, and I needed to hear more. Oh, and yeah, the drummer’s hot.

One day while shopping in Thrash Grind & Grunge, I was talking to part time worker (and Smash it Up radio host), Dave Manning, about rock n roll and he advised me that on SBS that night (SBS is a TV channel in Australia that shows many foreign shows) there was going to be a special on Japan and in particular, there would be a segment on The’s and Japanese rock n roll. When I got home, I set up the video and recorded this special on Japan. Now, rediscovered on a grubby old VHS tape 15 years later, direct from the Long Gone Loser Archives, I bring to you the highlight of the show… the 10 minute segment that focuses on the lives of The’s.

The’s most notably got some stardom with their cameo in the Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill, where the girls run through renditions of ‘Woo Hoo’, ‘I’m Blue’ and ‘I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield’. It’s good to see the band finally get the recognition they so deserve and I hope it made people search out more great bands from the land of the rising sun because believe me, that country has some of the best rock n roll bands on the planet.

From here, my fascination of Japanese rock n roll grew and I discovered such great bands as Guitar Wolf, The Jet Boys, The Pebbles, Supersnazz, Sit & Spin, Puffy, MAD 3, Boris, Jackie & The Cedrics, Gasoline, Estrella 20/20, The Switch Trout and many more. It’s all good! If you’re not hip, now’s the time. Look ’em up. You’re gonna have a ball!

Estrus Records
Jayne Mansfield

Sometime in the mid to late 90’s, there was this awesome record store in Adelaide called Thrash Grind & Grunge. It was also home to Dominator Records; a label that was home to such bands as The Mark Of Cain, Bloodsucking Freaks, Grunter, and Truth Corroded, just to name a few. Each week I’d go there and snap up bargains and buy records and all that stuff. It was pretty awesome. You could easily unload wads of cash at this place and walk out with some serious rarities at ridiculous prices. It was definitely my favourite record store at the time and I even did some part time work there. ANYWAY, one day, a Thrash Grind & Grunge regular named Kami decided to open a book store next door. He named the store Factotum Books and started selling alternative books, trash magazines, crime fiction and most famously, paintings, postcards and other such memorabilia from serial killers. It attracted a lot of attention and raised a few eyebrows. The fuzz took notice of this small shop’s infamous wares on sale and the journalistic heroism of the current affairs program Today Tonight decided to do a story on this new controversial store in Adelaide. Here’s that story:

Sadly, Factotum Books no longer exists and either do half the serial killers whose paintings and memorabilia were being sold so if you were lucky enough to buy a painting of clowns or birds, you are indeed the proud owner of some rare collectable art that is hopefully worth more than you paid for it.

“I guess rockstars got boring.” – Campbell McInnes