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This week on the Long Gone Loser Rock Show, my special guest is none other than director Jonathan Sequeira who is the brains behind the new Radio Birdman documentary, Descent Into The Maelstrom – The Radio Birdman Story. It’s one of the best music documentaries I have seen and Jonathan delivers a no holds barred look at one of the greatest, and possibly most underrated, bands in rock n roll history. We talk not only about the making of this documentary as we delve into the who’s, the why’s and the where’s, but also about film-making in general. It’s a great discussion where we both just openly express our love for the music of Radio Birdman and why this documentary needs to be seen by you. Listen right now by clicking THIS LINK. (more…)



Episode 45

We’re back again with antics galore! This week Damo goes to the AMC Expo in Melbourne and talks about meeting Claudia Wells from Back To The Future and asking Lou Diamond Phillips a question about The First Power. Michele reviews A Nightmare on Elm Street (one of them, I can’t remember) and Damo reviews Welcome To The Jungle. Craig phones in from some park to tell us all how much The Shrine rule, and we celebrate Edge Day. It’s all here and it’s all happening! You can listen right now by clicking on this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Husker Du
Green Day
Ginger Wildheart
Judas Priest
The Welcome Mat
Nuclear Assault
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The Stooges


This show was supposed to be uploaded before I went to the USA for 3 weeks but the computer kept crashing and it was a whole bunch of shambles. So upon my return, I have salvaged what I could and deliver to you a shorter show with about 90 minutes missing from it. Not to worry though as we have since rectified the cause and the next show will be back to the usual shenanigans. Anyway, Eleanor, Kate, Terra and myself discuss the Alice Cooper / Motley Crue show that the band I play in got to open for, we discuss music documentaries and books. We play only a few tracks cos of the issues but the songs we do play are awesome. Click this link to hear the latest episode right now and don’t forget to subscribe to the show by clicking the link on the left.

You’ll hear songs by:
Cheap Trick
Nursery Crimes


Episode 8 and 9

So here we go again with a huge double episode for you. So what happened to last week’s show? All is explained in this week’s episode. This time we travel to all corners of the world to bring you an amazing bunch of songs. There’s rants, travel stories, and all round good times and even a few prank calls by the mighty Touch-Tone Terrorists. Craig, Michele and Damo have managed to dish up 3 of the most hilarious hours of your life. Listen to it now right here at this link (or right click and save as for the mp3) and enjoy! This one is fun fun fun!

Enjoy tunes by:
Gooch Palms
The Royal Beat Conspiracy
Rival Sons
The Dirtbombs
The Mansfields
Naked City
3 Headed Dog
Alkaline Trio
Andrew WK
The Wildhearts
Dear Landlord
The Yo-Yo’s
The Sonics
The Victims

The documentary we discuss on the podcast…

Back in 1988, it would be fair to say that if you liked music videos, then the image of Wendy James in that tight little outfit complete with poodle pom pom balls attached to it screaming out the lyrics to I Want Your Love as she fronted the rock band, Transvision Vamp, has no doubt embedded itself firmly in your mind. And why not? In the late 80’s, Transvision Vamp were certainly looking to sit themselves on top of the world. Over the course of their career, they dished out anthemic tunes like Baby I Don’t Care, Revolution Baby and a memorable and a perfect cover of Holly and the Italians classic Tell That Girl To Shut Up. For five years Transvision Vamp were together and then like a flash, nothing.

For years I was always wondering “where are they now?” or more importantly, where was Wendy now? Well, thanks to the wonders of the internet, and more importantly, that old haunt, Myspace, I managed to track Miss James down for an interview which I featured in issue 11 of Long Gone Loser. To say I was most pleased with the results would be an understatement. Wendy was honest and a good sport about the whole thing. Hell, she even got her label to send me some promos of stuff that she had released since her Transvision Vamp days AND she sent me a signed photo. What a gal!

Before I move onto the news though, take this trip down memory lane…

So, now to the exciting stuff… how surprised was I when I woke up to find that she has been busy working on new music with none other than Iggy and the Stooges axeman, James Williamson? That sounded like something I needed to hear… STAT! The press releases reads:

On her last solo album, 2010’s critically acclaimed I Came Here To Blow MindsWendy James recorded with French indie musicians who shared her passion for NYC punk, Detroit garage and new wave, but now she’s going straight to the source. Working directly with The Stooges’ James Williamson (guitar & bass) and The Bad Seeds’ Jim Sclavunos (drums & percussion) the former Transvision Vamp lead singer has created two stunning tracks on her new double-single that capture the urgency and spirit of not only early punk but rock’n’roll in general.

The A-Side is a version of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band’s “You’re So Great,” where Wiliamson’s signature search-and-destroy guitar riffs retain the gasoline-soaked essence of Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith’s original, yet the song is transformed into a high-energy slice of modern power-pop with Wendy’s boyant and soaring vocals throughout the track. The B-Side finds the trio digging deep into Bob Dylan’s vast canon with their own snaky and seductive take on “It’s Alright Ma.”

These two tracks are but an early sneak peek at Wendy’s forthcoming solo album.
Release date for Wendy’s new “You’re So Great / It’s Alright Ma” Double-Single to be announced imminently.
Excited yet? You should be! You’re So Great, is a garage great turned power pop gem while the flip is a kickass version of It’s Alright Ma. The sound on both of these songs show a great direction for Miss James and her future endeavours cos seriously, that DJ funky stuff she was doing just wasn’t really her style. But after hearing these two new tracks though, even though they’re both covers, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new album.
Now to the exciting stuff cos no doubt you’re just itching to hear it all, right? Well, you can. She has posted both songs from this single on Soundcloud and you can stream them both right here, right now!