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Michele and Damo are back with a new episode of shenanigans and great music. Sooooooo many good tunes on this week’s show. New tunes, old tunes, classic tunes, re-issues, the whole kaboodle! Seriously bitchin’ stuff. You can listen to all the kafuffle by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
CJ Ramone
Tina & The Total Babes
Masked Intruder
The Sex Organs
The Monsters
Banner Pilot
Some Jerks
Plow United
Retching Red
The Turkletons
Cock Sparrer
Drunk In Public
Against The Grain
The Hellacopters
Little Murders




This weeks episode sees the gang talk pop culture nerdism as Rhea and Michele review the new Marvel Comics movie, Captain America – Civil War, and we hear about Free Comic Book day, creepy guys at the cinema, Cherry Rock 2016, Richie Ramone, there’s new releases, punk rock health and fitness, and heaps more random stuff! It’s a total bunch of shenanigans and laughs-a-plenty. You can listen now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
The Stupids
Mean Jeans
Richie Ramone
Against Me!
The Yard Apes
The Mooney Suzuki
Archers Of Loaf
The Monsters


I don’t think the world was ever really ready for The Monsters yet here we are again, 25 years later and the blues trash garage schlock rockers from Switzerland have returned with another slab of tasty raw goodness. I remember the first day I heard The Monsters. I listened to them purely because they were referenced in an interview, I think, with The Mummies, and so I checked them out. This was back in the Myspace days, or maybe it was earlier. I just knew that from the first moment I heard them, I liked it. I was a huge fan of the Estrus Crust series and the garage bands of the ilk so these cats appealed to me immediately. After hearing The Monsters and Voodoo Rhythm main-man, Reverend Beat-Man’s gazillion side projects, I found myself asking just where he finds the time. Well, time is something he obviously has enough of because 25 years on of countless releases throughout the years shows that he is not only prolific but the guy obviously just doesn’t sleep. And thank god for that!

This new 14 track offering from The Monsters is, to put it in the simplest of terms as to not confuse those who have been subjected to shitty descriptions by mainstream magazines and pretentious journalists: Fantastic! I love it! In fact, I would even like to go on record and state that this is probably my favourite Monsters release to date. Yeah, true story. It has all the swagger, riffs, sleaze and class (or lack of) as previous Monsters releases and the sound / production / recording is some of the best and slickest that the band has ever used and sounded. I was impressed. Even when it’s raw, it’s still sounding slicker than the likes of their earlier works. Some may disagree but whatever, this is definitely a winner and deserves to be on your “best of 2011” lists. It’ll be on mine!

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