Let’s Rock! 14/4/2023

Hey Ho! Let’s Go! I am back with a kickass selection of rock on this week’s show. I play a bunch of cool stuff I’ve been listening to recently and chit chatting about everything that’s been going on. It’s fun times! Go buy some records! Listen to this week’s show at the link below. NEWContinue reading “Let’s Rock! 14/4/2023”

PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES – The Vinyl Discography!

Hell yeah! Today’s video is a look at the vinyl discography of those high flyin’, rock n roll tag team champions, the Psychotic Turnbuckles! These guys are awesome and have dished out countless anthems of atomic drops and pure dynamite! Thanks for watching, go buy all their records!

HARD-ONS T-Shirt Collection (as of 2nd of July, 2022)

Today’s video I take a look at my collection of t-shirts for my fave Aussie punk band, The Hard-Ons. I don’t have a lot but I have enough that I felt I should share them with you all for those who maybe haven’t been able to get their hands on Hard-Ons shirts. These guys haveContinue reading “HARD-ONS T-Shirt Collection (as of 2nd of July, 2022)”

KISS – The Casablanca Singles Box Set!

Today I take a look at the KISS Casablanca Singles Box Set! I love this thing. It’s packed with jams and awesome looking records with cool picture sleeves n stuff. Also, I take a look at some KISS covers that just rock the hell out of the casbah! Dig it!