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This is one interview that has been a long time coming. My guest this week is none other than Screamfeeder bassist and singer / songwriter extraordinaire, Kellie Lloyd. This is a fantastic chat about everything from young Kel growing up and discovering music to her time in Screamfeeder and her solo works, to coping mechanisms and anxiety. It goes deep and that’s how we do it on the LGLRS. I hope you’ll all get something out of this cos it’s a good time and quite interesting. Thanks Kellie for coming on the show.

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Let’s be honest here… I don’t listen to Soulfly. I couldn’t even tell you a single song title. Yeah, really. I mean, sure, I know who they are, I know that the dude’s from Sepultura and I know a lot of dude’s who wear basketball jersey’s, camo shorts and have shaved heads, goatee beards and baseball caps dig ’em, but other than that, I know nothing about them. But then on Tuesday night a message came through asking me if I wanted a free ticket. Of course I accepted cos who knows, maybe I’d dig it? So I got to the venue at around 8pm and met my friend and in we went.

The first band were playing. They were called Incite which isn’t the best of band names but then again, either is Spiders In The Biscuit Jar and at the time we thought that was awesome (we were kids so quit the laughing). Word on the street is that the vocalist is the son of Mr Sepultura himself, Max Cavalera. Incite were pretty good. They got the crowd ready and the inbetween song banter was amusing. I dunno about you, but personally, hearing someone scream “Heavy Fucking Metal!” in death metal voice just makes me laugh. Still though, not a bad set. Pretty heavy stuff with some good riffs.

City Of Fire came on next. These dudes were like a supergroup with members from Fear Factory, Hatebreed and Strapping Young Lad. That’s a pretty beefy sausage party right there. I didn’t know what to expect when they came on and immediately I was diggin’ it. I hadn’t heard a single song by these guys either so for me to get rocked without knowing any of the tunes I thought was quite cool indeed. These guys did an awesome version of The Cult’s “Rain” which I thought was a highlight of the entire night. It just sounded cool in the middle of so much testosterone.

Soulfly came on and the place started jumping immediately. They have that groovy metal sound that has jungle drums and stuff to get people pogo-ing like they were at a Sex Pistols show in ’77. The driving beats and rhythm of each song had everyone dancing from the first chord til the last. I have to say, I liked ’em. It was groovy. You could totally move to it. The only downfall was the amount of douchebags there. I mean, really? Being a tough guy drunk fuckwit pushing people around because you are metabolism-challenged is not cool. Whatever. Cavalera had the crowd in his palm and gave them everything they wanted including the Sepultura classic, “Roots”, in the encore along with crowd favourite, “Eye For An Eye”. It was a great set and the crowd loved it. Seemed the people were more than happy. And Max has crazy dreads.

Besides the few who got into “tough guy” phase, the show was most awesome and I am a converted fan. Granted, you won’t see me in a basketball jersey anytime soon but I was definitely impressed. Awesome stuff.