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This week’s guest is guitarist Andy Gill of punk legends, Gang Of Four. Heaps stoked to have Andy on the show as anyone who knows me knows that once I saw these guys live, everyone knew about it. They were that damn good that I wanted the everyone I knew to know this. We chat about their lyrics 40 years on and are they still relevant, there’s talk about punk in the 70s, records, you know, the usual stuff that I obsess over. It’s a fun chat and I hope you dig it.

You can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)


One time I was in Missing Link Records in Melbourne and was flicking through their Drone / Stoner Rock section and I discovered the band Kylesa. I immediately liked them cos they had awesome cover art. Yeah, I know, pretty lame but what can I say? I am into cool looking record covers. I had no idea what they were like musically, I just knew that they were awesome. The same can be said for a band like Pig Destroyer… they always have cool lookin’ record covers so you know you’re gonna dig it. And even if you hate grindcore, you still find yourself owning their albums. And why not?

I never did buy any Kylesa stuff though cos their records were always expensive here and I don’t like buying CDs so I was in a bind (yeah, I am one of THOSE guys… the ones who still buy vinyl). But then this turned up in my mail. I put on my heaps excited face and got into it straight away. Better sooner than later cos if I listened to it tomorrow, that’d be one day of missing out on it as we get closer to their show at the 2011 Soundwave Festival. I’ll be there, front row centre as Kylesa tear up the stage. Anyway, I got this album and have played it repeatedly and in doing so, I have come to this conclusion: If Neurosis had sex with High On Fire (I am talkng metaphorically), Kylesa would be the offspring (as in baby, not to be confused with the band, ok? You got to keep them seperated). Big call, and probably setting myself up for a barrage of hate mail but this is what I am hearing and you know what? That’s a heaps good compliment. If some dude who likes Danger Danger told me my band was similar to the likes of Neurosis and High On Fire, not onlywould I say they were wrong (cos we actually steal everything from Motorhead… just sayin’) but I’d still thank the dude for knowing good music and paying me a heaps wicked compliment (and then make him listen to Motorhead’s Another Perfect Day and check out the riffs in Shine and Rock It and then listen to our songs… actually, I am probably revealing too much there. We don’t sound like Motorhead at all. Yep.) Trust me on this one, if you are into the likes of Neurosis, High On Fire and hell, we’ll throw Torche in there as well, then you are gonna freakin’ love this. I am now on the hunt to find the older stuff on vinyl. I hope Relapse or Hydrahead re-issue them or something. Fingers crossed.

Spiral Shadow is experimental and atmospheric, yet full of riffs, pounding drums and interesting vocals. The song structures are huge and really intricate, yet not self-indulgent. A really talented bunch of songs have been served up here for you to endulge in. To be brutally honest, I was a bit hesitant to put this on cos, like, I mean, I had put this band on a pedalstool and praised them without even hearing a single note… what if they sucked? What if the awesome record covers didn’t match their sound? So many what if’s… But low and behold, luck was on my side and this band just dished up a complete winner. I was all over this album like the rash I heard my ex-girlfriend got from banging some stranger after we broke up (that’s karma!). This album stayed on repeat for ages and is still being played all the time. Like even now, it’s on and probably annoying my housemates who are no doubt fuckin’ sick of hearing it. And the cool thing is, when I listen to this in headphones on the way to work, I find I hear new things in the music all the time. It’s kinda like paranormal activity but audible. Crazy stuff! Ghosts n shit inside the music. Woooo! Scary!

So Kylesa, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are, cos, like, my blog is the most awesome blog on the net and everyone rushes to read its wisdom and insight on an hourly basis), you’ve done well. And for you fans, this album, I should let you know, has been released in a couple deluxe editions. First up is the vinyl edition: Pressed on 2 LPs at 45rpm and comes complete with a poster and a slipmat. Yeah, you know it! Hot! And for you CD digital fiends, it is available in your format too and comes complete with a bonus DVD that has the making of the album. I love watching those things and this is one I want to see (as it unfortunately did not come with this promo… yes, I have a sad face) because the songs are so bizarre and interesting that I’d be keen to see how it all came together.

This, my friends, is highly recommended listening. Yep. Now, if you’re in Australia, don’t forget to see them at the 2011 Soundwave Festival. It’s gonna be pretty awesome.

Those in Australia can order it through Riot! Distribution.
Overseas peeps can order it through Relapse in many different formats and packages.

Season of Mist website is here.
Kylesa’s website is here.