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This week’s interview is a fun chat with Millencolin bassist and singer, Nikola Sarcevic, as we talk about such things as the key to staying together as a band for over 20 years with the same line-up, broken bones on tour, sharing the stage with a living legend, and how Refused played a bigger part in the Swedish music scene than one would believe. There’s tour stories and the whole kit and kaboodle and whether you’re a fan of Millencolin, or they’re unknown to your ears, you can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)


Years ago, back in the days of VHS tapes, I was given this heavy metal music video magazine type thing and there was this segment on this band called SHRAPNEL. Well, I think that was their name, they don’t actually say it in the video but I kinda put 2 and 2 together and that’s the best I could come up with by matching names to segments from the back cover to the segments in the video. Anyway, being a huge fan of skateboarding and the like, I saw this footage and became intrigued. Who are these guys? Where were they from? What did they release? and of course the age old question, where are they now?

So I decided to upload this video segment to see if we can get some intel and jog some memories of our LGL listerners & readership to see if we can find out more about these rockers or if any of you were at these famed parties they speak of…