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This week on the Long Gone Loser Rock Show, my special guest is none other than director Jonathan Sequeira who is the brains behind the new Radio Birdman documentary, Descent Into The Maelstrom – The Radio Birdman Story. It’s one of the best music documentaries I have seen and Jonathan delivers a no holds barred look at one of the greatest, and possibly most underrated, bands in rock n roll history. We talk not only about the making of this documentary as we delve into the who’s, the why’s and the where’s, but also about film-making in general. It’s a great discussion where we both just openly express our love for the music of Radio Birdman and why this documentary needs to be seen by you. Listen right now by clicking THIS LINK. (more…)


This week’s special guest is none other than Canadian born San Francisco artist, Dirty Donny Gillies! If you’ve been keeping track at home, Donny was in issue 6 of the Long Gone Loser zine and now he is on episode 125 of the podcast 16 years later. Who’d ever have thought? But alas, here he is and he tells all about his art and getting involved with the guys from Metallica and his love of Ed Roth and what brought him to Australia and all that cool stuff. Hell yeah! Also, the music… he requested all Australian bands cos he loves Australian rock n roll so there ya go, that’s pretty exciting! You can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)

The annual Long Gone Loser Rock Show Record Store Day Round-Up is here! Michele (who didn’t participate but went to see Cock Sparrer) teams up with Damo (who did participate and didn’t see Cock Sparrer) and our good friend Chris in Chicago (who also participated and also didn’t see Cock Sparrer) and we talk Record Store Day shenanigans and what records we bought. It’s pretty darn silly. You can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
Hey! Hello!
Against Me!
Radio Birdman
Kit Warhurst
The Happy Lonesome
The Side Eyes
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Kill Dirty Youth



Welcome to another Long Gone Loser train wreck of a show. This show starts off fine as Michele, Andrew, Rhea and Damo talk about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rhea reviews the new Cloverfield movie, Andrew reviews The Witch, Michele and Andrew both roast Damo, there’s Punk Rock Bowling news and Andrew and Michele get night club wasted and talk about their love for Blink-182 for an hour. It’s a mess, but a fun mess and you will have a blast. It’s a long show and I guess we kinda apologise for it. Actually, we don’t. Have fun. We love you all and you can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
Toe To Toe
Drug Church
Against The Grain
Teenage Bottlerocket
The Relationship
The Academy Is…
Big Star
Marissa Nadler
Big Drill Car
My Chemical Romance
Butcher The Bar
Radio Birdman