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Posted: February 12, 2010 in Australian punk rock
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THRUST were a melodic punk band from the Gold Coast, Qld. Drummer / Vocalist, Brendan Creighton, was originally in a band back in 1981 called The Dead Rats which featured Blackie and Keish who went on to form the legendary Australian punk band, The Hard-Ons. He then moved to the Gold Coast and put together this little gem of a band.

THRUST released a 12″ Mini-Album called “Go Insane” (Grown Up Wrong Records), a full length LP called “Mindless” (self-released, distributed through Waterfront), a 7″ single for the track “Closer”, a CD called “Burnt Out” (self-released) and a few tracks scattered on some compilations. I thought they were pretty damn good so I recently uploaded this to youtube to coincide with the last issue of Long Gone Loser Magazine that features an interview with THRUST guitarist, Theo Hemming.