Let’s Rock! 18/9/2022

Hell yeah, let’s rock! Super fun show tonight with all sorts of rad stuff! Have a listen below and go and buy all these records! THE HELLACOPTERS – The American RuseFLOTSAM AND JETSAM – No Place For DisgraceMEAN JEANS – Born On A Saturday NightTHE REAL KIDS – Better Be GoodGRAVEL – Pulling At MyContinue reading “Let’s Rock! 18/9/2022”

Let’s Rock! 12/6/2022

Hell yeah! This week may be a cold one but we are heating things up with this pot of hot! Listen at the link below. Go buy all these records! Enjoy! THE HELLACOPTERS – Angel DustQUADRAJETS – Whole Lotta RosieHARD-ONS – Walk All Over YouNASHVILLE PUSSY – Kicked In The TeethRETARDED – Gambling On RockFLAMINGOContinue reading “Let’s Rock! 12/6/2022”

Let’s Rock! 22/5/2022

This week we rock the airwaves with a mixed bag of awesome! Listen at the link below. THE HELLACOPTERS – Positively Not KnowingSPUNKBUBBLES – Byron BayPSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES – Albuquerque (Wild Scenes)JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE – No More SelfiesQUADRAJETS – Queen Of The TwistJEFF DAHL GROUP – Go To HimMASSAPPEAL – WhenContinue reading “Let’s Rock! 22/5/2022”

Let’s Rock! 22/1/2022

The Long Gone Loser Rock Show is back with the first show of 2022 and I decided to kickstart this year with an Estrus Records hour of power! Yep, you read right… this week’s show is nothing but Estrus releases cos Estrus is without a doubt one of the greatest rock n roll labels theContinue reading “Let’s Rock! 22/1/2022”