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Who Stole the Keeshka? Yes indeed! A mystery that boggles us all and that is why this week’s guest is none other than award-winning* author, vocalist and podcast host, the one and only Rockin’ Reverend Norb from the almighty Boris The Sprinkler! Hell yeah, this is a guest we have wanted on the show for years so here it is in all it’s glory of the digital airwaves form coming to you via whatever means you listen to podcasts on! This episode is totally wacky and oddball to the hilt and that’s why it’s one you are gonna love. If you are not at all hip to the sounds of Boris The Sprinkler or his work with The Onions, you will want to be after this zany chat. It’s awesome… so why not dive right into it and let’s get this party started! DEFROST!

To listen right now click on THIS LINK.

You can buy Norb’s tunes and books by clicking on THIS LINK.

* “Award Winning” sounds so much cooler than just plain “Author” so just roll with it, okay cos the fact remains, he should be award winning, dammit!


I remember the day I discovered Man Or Astro-man? The singer of Undertone, Grover, and myself were record shopping in Adelaide sometime in the mid 90’s and he purchased a 7″ record called “Inside The Head Of Mr Atom” (Estrus, 1995). Grover always had mixed tapes playing in his car and one time Man Or Astro-man were playing and I asked who they were. He had read about this band, I think, in Maximum Rock N Roll or something. Or maybe he just bought that record out of curiousity cos after all, the Art Chantry designed cover does look cool. ANYWAY, I was into it immediately and bought an LP called “Destroy All Astro-men!” (Estrus, 1994). This LP was awesome and totally blew my mind. I was hooked in immediately to their instro insanity and the whole retro deal with the samples from old sci-fi movies and the echo twang of their guitars. Plus, how could you ignore a band whose band members have names like Birdstuff, Dr. Deleto and his Invisible Vaporation, Star Crunch and Coco The Electric Monkey Wizard? These guys were pure genius! I always hoped I would get to see them live and the chance to did come my way when they toured Australia supporting You Am I back in the late 90’s. Unfortunately for me, at this same time, I became really sick and missed the show. Sources told me it was awesome and one of the band members played a show with a TV on his head with his face where the screen would be. How awesome is that? I still haven’t seen Man Or Astro-man live but this video was sent to me on good ole VHS tape so I decided to upload it and share it with you now as it is quite enjoyable and even has a vocal performance. Enjoy!

Estrus Records
Man Or Astro-man?