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This week we have a special episode of the Long Gone Loser Rock Show as Damo interviews none other than the Queen of Noise herself, the one and only Cherry Bomb, Cherie Currie. The former vocalist of The Runaways talks stories about life, making amends, working with Lita Ford and Joan Jett, her solo career with her sister, her acting career, working with Glenn Danzig and so much more. She really opens up about things and gives one hell of an interview. It’s pretty awesome and I thank Cherie for taking the time to chat with the LGLRS about all things awesome. You can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)


Waking up, I decided to prepare myself for the day of rock by spinning my Lita Ford and Runaways albums on the turntable. A good start indeed and it’s always fun to revisit albums you haven’t heard for a while, especially when you know that you’re going to witness the songs live later that evening. I got myself ready and headed out to the Prince of Wales in St Kilda to meet the promoter, collecting HEAVY TV host, Nelli Scarlet, on the way. I like to get there early enough to look at the different options available to us in where to shoot the day’s episode of HEAVY TV. It was decided that the restaurant would be a nice touch. A decent amount of natural light and it was quiet enough to not have the dreaded spill of atmospheric sound from the goings on around.

We were ready to go by 2:30 and a few moments later, in walks Lita. We are introduced to one another and ready to go. She sits herself down, the microphone is attached, and the interview is under way. Lita is in a great mood, laughing and joking with our hosts and she really comes across as a genuinely wonderful human being. She’s sweet and gentle, yet rough around the edges in that take no shit, rock n roll kinda way. Immediately she has become one of my favourite people to have had on the show. Everyone clicks instantly and the interview is a solid and enjoyable piece of work. This was Nelli’s first assignment and she did quite well, especially since in the car on the way there she seemed a little nervous but I was more than confident that she would deliver a stellar interview. She, like Cassie, has a great onscreen presence that alongside Doug, our resident guitar geek, will bring yet another great episode for your viewing. Chatting with Lita was a dream come true for Doug just as it was for me when we spoke on the phone a couple months earlier.

After the interview, Lita hung with us for a while and signed items and took photos with the HEAVY crew. She was a true gem and one thing that became clear, she has a broken heart that’s still mending from the ugly divorce she went through which became the inspiration behind her latest album, Living Like A Runaway. For a few moments Lita and myself talked about the song Mother; a heartbreaking ballad she wrote for her children that she isn’t able to see due to her ex-husband. Standing there, looking at Lita, I felt her pain albeit in a roundabout way. I have no problems with my mother but my dad and I don’t speak. His concept of being a father is so far out of this world that communication is just not possible. The lost connection between parent and child is where we bonded, if only for a minute, and I could tell Lita was still cut up very much by her situation. I felt really sorry for her and we hugged, both holding back the tears that I knew were swelling up in us both. Sometimes two strangers can just connect, if only for a moment, and it will touch your heart for years to come.

We packed up our things and headed out. I went home and just thought about everything that had happened, that I am glad of what I have achieved in my life, realising that life gave me choices and I was in control and I chose the path I wanted to go. I may not have the finances of others or a house to call my own but I have good memories and great friends and family. I’m happy and that’s all I have ever wanted to be. Sure, I made a few mistakes along the way but I don’t like to see them as mistakes but more as lessons as I choose not to regret anything.

For years people told me I would never amount to anything. When I lived in Adelaide I was told repeatedly my band sucked, I was a loser and I’d never do anything. People would talk shit about me constantly, making up lies and stories about stuff that doesn’t concern them. I just shrugged my shoulders and kept moving forward. Someone once told me that all things happen for a reason. While for the most part that is true, I don’t think bullying or talking shit about others warrants any real positive reason so why do it? Why let what someone else does with their life bother you if it has no direct effect on you? Be a better person and just move on. You have exactly one life to live the life you want to live. Act accordingly. Don’t be a fuckin’ asshole. It’s really that simple.