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Wow! Never in my life did I ever think I would be chatting with one of the greatest music engineers and producers of all time but alas, the stars aligned and it happened. My guest this week is none other than Ed Stasium, the legendary producer and engineer of many Ramones albums and cuts. This revealing interview tells all about how he fell into the career of an audio engineer and producer, working extensively with the Ramones, who played what, and he clears up some rumours and urban legends surrounding the recording of the Phil Spector produced End Of The Century album. We also talk about the final Joey Ramone solo album, …Ya Know?, and how that was put together, and so much more. Any fan of the Ramones is going to love this and you can hear it right now by clicking on THIS LINK.

All songs by the Ramones and a couple bonus cuts included from Stiv Bators and Soul Aslyum.




I am back with an awesome episode that is filled with radness. Ramones tour manager, Monte Melnick, is my special guest this week and talks all things Ramones. Knowing how much of a Ramones fan I am, you know this is going to be one fun interview and I can assure you, it totally is. Monte tells all in this revealing interview about his time with the punk legends. It’s quite a fun interview and there’s some awesome tunes for added radness. Thanks to Kitty Kowalski for helping organise this. Click this link and you can listen right now! (more…)

Back in 1995, the MTV Movie Awards was not something I would usually sit down and watch, mainly because I knew the likes of John Waters, Russ Meyer and Herschell Gordon Lewis weren’t going to be receiving any awards for anything anyway but before the program started, there was a comercial break. During this commercial break, it was announced that the Ramones would be performing at the awards show. I jumped up. What the fuck? The greatest band in the world are going to be on my TV? I quickly put a tape in and pressed record. I had to. I had no idea what they were going to play as I don’t recall their songs being a big deal in any movie to anyone else but me. Still, this was exciting. The tape recorded and I sat eagerly watching and awaiting for the 4 gods to shake the foundations.

The Ramones were performing the 5 songs that were nominated for the best soundtrack in 3 minutes using 3 chords and mixing in some of their own songs. They played songs by Madonna, Elton John, Stone Temple Pilots, Warren G and Neil Diamond and it was awesome. Now, here is every single second of that performance, including the interview with Marky and Joey at the start of the show, brought to you by the good folk at Long Gone Loser. Ramones forever!

Joey R.I.P.
Dee Dee R.I.P.
Johnny R.I.P.