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I had heard about this band from seeing bits and pieces on the internet but had no idea what they sounded like. I was originally thinking it was gonna be some kinda stoner sludge rock thing. How wrong I was. What I found here was a 2 piece feed of bluesy swamp twang with shades of rockabilly. It’s lo-fi and groovin’, kinda like something found on an old Estrus 45. Like if you went through this duo’s house, I am sure you’d find the likes of Impala, the Beasts of Bourbon and some LPs of the Birthday Party scattered on the loungeroom floor by the settee. Yes, I said settee. I am trying to be incitive. 

Mother And Son have some realy moody groove goin’ on here in these 11 tracks. It’s kinda like a drunken haunted house soundtrack. You know, depressingly drunk but with an upbeat drum beat. Picture this: you’re walking down a dark alley after leaving a smokey bar, wearing a suit and tie that you have loosened. You go to light up a cigarette and in doing so, see a hot dame in a fur coat asking you for a light. You light her cigarette, the eyes meet and you start talkin’. This album is the soundtrack to that whole scenario. Know what I mean? If you can’t grasp that then you probably never will.

Mother And Son is a pretty interesting album with a unique sound. I hadn’t heard them before but I want to see them live now. This is good, not amazing but definitely good. I enjoyed it. Nice and simple but effective packaging to boot.

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