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It’d be hard to find fault with any CD that displays the torso of a hot babe covered in blood, wielding a chainsaw, on the cover. I mean, really, that’s kind of like a winning formula in my book. I could go with not even hearing the actual CD and just displaying this cover on my mantle piece for all to see but my curious mind had me spinning this 5 tracker within seconds of getting this home after just seeing the band tear up the stage here in Melbourne.

You see, the Chainsaw Hookers hail from Perth; the home of a Bon Scott statue and a gazillion hot women. Is it any wonder they sound the way they do? Ballsy, heavy, hard and fast! Basing their songs and whole schtick on horror movies, these guys deliver 5 tracks of motor punk ala Zeke, Speedealer, The Nerds, The Hookers, etc. and they shred like fuck. Their knowledge of movies is as prominent as their love for punk rock. Songs about Snakes On A Plane (“Ride The Venom”), An American Werewolf in London (“Nazi Werewolf”), “Christine” (one of my personal favourite horror films of all time – a kickass car and soundtrack and Buddy Repperton slices open Arnie Cunningham’s lunch with a switchblade), “Black Christmas” (self explanatory) and Friday The 13th (“Death Curse”). Plus, they took their band name from a movie starring the hottest B-Movie actress of all time, Michelle Bauer. I could watch her wield a chainsaw all day slicing up dudes as she listens to Elvis but alas, there are reviews to write. Like this one. So I really should get back to it. So where was I? Oh yeah, the production sounds slick and doesn’t lack any guts or brutality. It’s chock full of wailing solos, butchered vocals and pounding drums. In other words, what I’m trying to say is, it’s pretty awesome. Did I mention the cover art has a hot babe covered in blood holding a chainsaw? Well it’s worth mentioning twice.

I dunno how long these cats have been around but they’re here and they’re worth your time if you’re a fan of good ole fashioned punk rock or dig horror films. Both thumbs are up; one for the punk rock and one for the horror films. Yeah! Dig it!