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Episode 117

This week’s show features a quick chat with Dan Lilker from thrash metal legends, Nuclear Assault. This interview was conducted before their first and last ever Melbourne show on 22nd of February, 2017 at Max Watts, and basically focuses on the albums Survive and Handle With Care and the Good Times, Bad Times EP. Thanks to Chris at Maric Media and Doug and Hardline Media for their help in organising this. You can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the link over there on the left.

All music by Nuclear Assault.



Episode 50

We are back again with another show of shenanigans! Michele goes to a Misfits and She Demons show and out-Shrines Craig, Damo goes to Supanova and meets Napoleon Dynamite, and we are joined by Andrew and Amy from the Podcastmania show who help steer this train wreck into a somewhat listenable show! It’s all fun and games until someone cops a shoe to the face in a mosh pit! We ask the untimely question of “if you could be a debut album, what record would you be and why?” There is so much to enjoy in episode 50 and you can hear it right now by clicking this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Screeching Weasel
White Stripes
Front End Loader
Goo Goo Dolls
Cock Sparrer
Direct Hit!


Episode 26

We are back again to discuss all things Trick Or Treat; yes, the comedy horror heavy metal movie from 1986 starring Skippy from Family Ties. A classic film and Craig, Terra and Peta put their knowledge to the test in another hilarious quiz of antics and good times. Sometimes alcohol and a movie quiz don’t mix. This show is an absolute riot and you can listen right now by clicking on this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Ozzy Osbourne
Andrew WK
The Copyrights
The Damned
Boris The Sprinkler
Righteous Pigs
Screeching Weasel
Twisted Sister
The Boys
Frenzal Rhomb

So back in the day, around 1989 I think, this was shown on TV here in Australia. Page One was a current affairs type program that played on late night television on Channel 10. I remember the night clearly: I was in the lounge room laying on the floor, my mate was sitting on the couch and my mum was on another couch, we were all watching. I guess my mum knew we were all into metal and she wanted to take an interest in what we were listening to, or something. So here we were, sitting down and ready to watch a program that was going to warn my own mum about the music I was listening to. Now, 21 years later, found on some tape with the words “Heavy Metal” written on the label, you can watch this piece of visual history as Page One takes you through a look at the likes of Metallica and Judas Priest being blamed for the suicides of teenage kids.

Part 1

Part 2

I really like how they mention Venom too… those lyrics are gold! In fact, so much that I am gonna have to listen to Black Metal as I write this. See, Venom can be associated with anything. So good! I remember the day when I found the Satanic messages that are in the Venom song ‘In League With Satan’. Me and my brother were stoked. So much in fact that we showed my mum who, sadly, wasn’t so enthusiastic. Her words were something along the lines of “Well that’s bloody nice, isn’t it?” and then she walked off. She doesn’t seem to share the same appreciation for Venom as her sons. I guess it’s a bit more full on than the Beatles messages of “Paul Is Dead… Miss Him… Miss Him!” Either way, Venom are still awesome. But I digress. This archival piece is pretty darn awesome and includes exclusive interviews with Lars Ulrich, Rob Halford and some dude named Rocky.

So there we have it… another relic found in the archives of the Long Gone Loser video collection. I hope you enjoy this piece of heavy metal history. Have fun!

Side note: Does anyone know the garage thrash band featured in this special? Always wanted to know who they were. Especially cos they have fans who saw off their casts, live in middle class suburbia and all seem to like Overkill.