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Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, Neurosis’ frontman, Scott Kelly, toured Australia for a handful of intimate acoustic shows with support from none other than John Baizley from Baroness and Blackie from The Hard-Ons. Before the show in Melbourne, I sat with Scott Kelly and chatted with him about all things Neurosis and other such delights. Having been a Neurosis fan since the release of Souls At Zero, this interview was long overdue. I had wanted to include Neurosis in an issue of Long Gone Loser for years so when the opportunity came up to interview one of the band’s driving forces, I immediately jumped up and found myself at the Corner Hotel armed with my iPhone and questions to conduct an interview that can now be ticked off the bucket list. Now on the lead-up to his return to our shores in November, I felt that this interview is a good taster to get you guys psyched for the shows that I am sure will be nothing short of phenomenal. (more…)