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Photo by Stefan Peterson.

We are back again to talk about our records for March in our Vinyl Nerdery round-up. Not only that but our good friend Stefan joins us to talk about Detroit rock n roll and photographing some of the greats including The White Stripes, Scott Morgan, Ron Asheton and the Hellacopters. It’s pretty awesome stuff as he was right there photographing these bands and documenting their performances. He also tells us more info about those discovered MC5 photos! Also, where’s Deniz Tek? Oh he’s just in the crowd watching the MC5 as talked about on this episode. There’s so much here and it’s pretty nerdy. If you like records or you like Detroit rock n roll, this will appeal to you.

Listen to this episode right now by clicking on THIS LINK.

To see some of Stefan’s photography, he has a Flickr account HERE.


I was going through my old video tapes and stumbled across this. After re-watching this I knew I had to upload it for all to see. Right here we have a classic interview with Nicke and Boba from Sweden’s greatest rock n roll band, The Hellacopters, being interview by Australian Idol host, Andy G. Why do you need to see this interview? Because it’s funny. It’s quite clear that Andy G doesn’t really know a lot about rock n roll besides seeing KISS in concert. But I have met dudes who have 6 year old kids who like KISS too so it doesn’t really count. Anyway, this interview shows a very disinterested Nicke and Boba be subjected to questions about the weather and why they chose to see an AC/DC video. Seriously. This is quality journalism. Not that I am any better but there’s so much to the Hellacopters history that could be spoken about. Either way, click, watch, laugh and share.

Andy G: “Why AC/DC?”
Nicke: “Why? Cos it’s good?”

Visit the Hellacopters online at:
To check out the Tym Guitars that Nicke endorses in this interview, visit: