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Today was a long day. After working 8 hours straight at my crappy job, I headed to the Espy to conduct an interview with Baroness vocalist and guitarist, John Dyer Baizley (which you will be able to read on this site very soon). After that was done, I headed to Albert Park and played some golf with Willie from the band Lamb Of God. How do these things happen? Who the fuck knows but it’s times like these I actually like my life. Outside of doing anything to do with music, I pretty much think my life is complete shit. But lets not get all emo now, this is about Baroness, not me.

After heading home to collect the car, I headed back to the Espy to see Baroness play one of their sideshows to their Metallica support (get there early otherwise you will miss them as they are on when doors open at 7pm). They got 2 shows left from this Metallica tour but this one, this was their show. No half hour set, no playing to a half empty arena, this was their time and dude, did they make sure that it was.

I arrived in time to see half of Akaname’s set as they played to a packed solid venue. These guys play heavy instrumental stuff kinda like Pelican meets Keelhaul. Very cool. Great riffs and a huge sound. They have a self-released, self-titled album out now. Grab yourself a copy. Akaname went down a storm. Great stuff! I was unsure just how many people ‘get’ the whole deal with Baroness but it appears there’s a shitload more now than there was when I saw them at the Corner Hotel earlier this year when they shared the stage with ISIS. Excellent!

Baroness came on at 11:15 and within minutes they tore the stage apart. Pulling tracks from every release (bar the split with Unpersons), they delivered. Bigtime. And the best thing, you could tell these guys loved every minute of it. They gave it 110%. You couldn’t have not been impressed by the high energy coming off that stage tonight. I mean, really, this was something else. These guys have grown in leaps and bounds since their last visit here and it appears no one left unimpressed. How could you be? These guys have the songs, they just need to deliver them in the best way possible… which they did… and then some. There’s a place in everyone’s life for Baroness and if they didn’t win you over this time then you’re either boring or you don’t listen to music, you just hear it and that’s your loss.

Baroness have proven themselves to be a major player with the big boys and to be honest, those guys at the top, they better watch out cos this band is gonna show ya whose boss… unintentionally too. That’s just the kinda band they are. They aren’t out to be better, they just love playing music and it just so happens that they damn well are better than most of the crap that is being branded as ‘heavy’ these days. Well played. If you were there, well, you were there. If you weren’t, you either had a neck injury or were just not awesome enough. Sorry. Better luck next time, eh?

Baroness’ latest epic, “Blue Record” is out now on Relapse / Riot!


I was offered some freebie guest list action to last night’s show thanks to the good folk at Shiny. Pretty awesome considering I am a little broke at the moment due to paying bills, my loan off, etc. You get the drill. Anyway, for those who don’t know anything about Calling All Cars, they supported AC/DC on their Australian leg of the Black Ice tour and I reviewed their debut album on this site a few months back which you can read here.

I got to the venue around 9:30pm just as Young Revelry were to hit the stage. From the first note, these guys reminded me of The Black Angels from Austin, Tx but as the set went on, those similarities diminished and their sound became more like the grunge era; you know, Nirvana and stuff. They were alright. I didn’t mind them at all. Lots of wah pedal noise, reverb vocals and pounding drum beats. The guitarist needs a haircut though. Oh, and apparently, if you don’t like their music “you can fuck off”. That’s a direct quote.

Next up was Brisbane’s own Numbers Radio. Never even heard of these guys before (yes, I’m out of the loop) but they brought it bigtime. Good rock songs with high energy on the stage. Dudes were having fun and the guitarist is destined to be a rockstar. I liked their songs and the crowd did too. If I had money, I probably would have bought their CD to play on the radio show. But I don’t so I didn’t. They seemed to have made everyone happy and ready to rock. I’d like to hear them on record now to see if it lives up to their live show. Both the bassist and the guitarist have good voices that work well blended together. Good stuff guys!

Calling All Cars hit the stage in their first headline show at the Corner and they were stoked. The crowd were really into it and the band’s sound on stage was huge for a 3 piece. You could see how happy they were that all of this touring has paid off as they have perfected their live set over time and they have moved to that next level. I am sure they learned a lot from the AC/DC tour about upping your game to put your band that bit further ahead of the pack and it shows. Good stuff. Their set included all the hits from their “Hold, Hold, Fire!” album, a new song and a blistering cover of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll”. Nice one! They ended off the set with radio favourite, “Disconnect”, sending the crowd into a frenzy and then left the stage as the house lights rose and the venue emptied.