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Who Stole the Keeshka? Yes indeed! A mystery that boggles us all and that is why this week’s guest is none other than award-winning* author, vocalist and podcast host, the one and only Rockin’ Reverend Norb from the almighty Boris The Sprinkler! Hell yeah, this is a guest we have wanted on the show for years so here it is in all it’s glory of the digital airwaves form coming to you via whatever means you listen to podcasts on! This episode is totally wacky and oddball to the hilt and that’s why it’s one you are gonna love. If you are not at all hip to the sounds of Boris The Sprinkler or his work with The Onions, you will want to be after this zany chat. It’s awesome… so why not dive right into it and let’s get this party started! DEFROST!

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* “Award Winning” sounds so much cooler than just plain “Author” so just roll with it, okay cos the fact remains, he should be award winning, dammit!


Yay! We are back and this episode’s special guest is none other than Direct Hit! singer and guitarist, Nick Woods. We talk about Milwaukee and it’s beer culture, getting into punk rock, signing to FAT, touring DIY, the Ramones, the whole shabang! We kinda rushed it cos we were pressed for time but we made it happen and you can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. Thanks!

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Back in 1991, I think it was, I went record shopping at my fave record store at the time, Thrash Grind Grunge, in Adelaide. There was this guy named Greg and he was running a distro called Spiral Objective out of the store. All you had to do was bring the catalogue in with you and you got the stuff you wanted at the catalogue price. This was a super awesome idea and I must have spent tons of cash in this place over the years. One Saturday afternoon I was in the store buying records by Green Day and Parasites when Greg was telling me about some other Ramonesy bands that I needed to hear. He played me this album titled ‘My Brain Hurts’ by a band called Screeching Weasel. Within seconds I was hooked. I couldn’t believe my ears. I bought the CD and walked out of the store smiling ear to ear. This couldn’t really be happening, could it? Have I just discovered a band as good as the Ramones and the Hard-Ons? It appears that I had finally found an album that was on par with the likes of ‘Rocket To Russia’ and ‘Love Is A Battlefield of Broken Hearts’. When I got back to my mates house, I played the album to him. We must have listened to it about 10 times in a row. Yeah, 5 hours later we were still listening to it. It didn’t get boring. All we wanted to do was listen to it again and again. That began my love of the Chicago punk rock band, Screeching Weasel. I then set out to find every record, CD, 8-Track, etc. that I could find by the band. It was a hard feat but it needed to be done. I did ok. I didn’t find them all but I managed to get about 95% of them. That works for me. What? You want me to get to the new downloadable song? Hang on a sec, just keep reading… don’t be so impatient. Didn’t your mum teach you anything?


25 years of catchy punk rock… it’s a feat not too many bands can say they have upheld. Okay, technically, one could argue that it hasn’t really been 25 years as they have been split up for a considerable amount of years during that time, playing one off shows here and there and Ben Weasel has done some solo stuff as well, but still, like all good bands, they got back on the horse, and delivered exactly what it is you would want from them: another Screeching Weasel record. They’re a band who never drifted from their style, always sticking to their guns and just going for it. Next month sees the release of the band’s latest album titled ‘First World Manifesto’ on the renowned Fat Wreck Chords label and the lads have been nice enough to allow us a sneak peak into the new record by giving the world a song to download, which you can do so by following this link.

I have heard it and it’s just as I would expect. A fun, uplifting punk rock tune from the Ramones mold. I can’t wait for this album. Should be a hoot! Now, who else is joining me for the Weasel Weekend in Chicago? It’s my birthday, come and celebrate with me and buy me drinks (of water). Let’s rock!

In other Screeching Weasel news, Midway Pictures are releasing a doco / movie on the band and I hope that when it gets released, the DVD comes with about 3 bonus discs of live footage and rehearsals n stuff and that the feature length ‘Disgusteen’ gay vampire movie that Ben Weasel made is included so I don’t have to watch my horrible VHS 27th generation dub of this cult schlock. I could go on but I won’t… click here for more information on this should-be-awesome movie.

You can pre-order the new Screeching Weasel album right here through Interpunk.
Screeching Weasel online
Fat Wreck Chords

I ordered this album from a mailorder called Rhetoric Records sometime around ’97 or ’98. I heard a song on a mixed tape and instantly liked them. For those not in the know, Walker hailed from the Midwest of the USA; Indiana to be more specific, and they played some of the catchiest pop / punk tunes I had ever heard. It was quite ingenius. Sure, pop / punk was the ‘in’ thing back then and pretty much the influx of bands doing it was over the top but these guys had something else. Something about their song writing just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. And today I played this record again and it still amazes me. 12 years on, I am still playing this record and loving every minute of it. That’s a good feat for a band who were very little known. In fact, I can’t even find a single youtube clip of them. Surely someone must have some live footage of these guys somewhere that us who never got to witness them since we were geographically challenged can experience something… anything?

There’s not a lot of information on this band which is kinda sad to know. This album was released on a small Chicago label called Harmless Records. They’re probably now defunct but I sure hope the rumoured remixed double CD anthology gets released and these tracks can be put to the world again and hopefully will not be overlooked a second time around. I also still have my classic Walker t-shirt that I still wear. It has a dude carrying an amp on his back and it says “Borrowing Equipment Since 1993.” Actually, I don’t wear it that much cos it’s an XL and I wear medium’s now. Need to take this thing in. Any sewing people out there? Anyway, wow, how time flies by. But yeah, Walker. They have a full discography lsted on the band’s Myspace page which if you are at all interested in seeing what you can find, you can check it all out there. This page also delves into what the band members are doing now.

The album itself has 12 tracks of melodic punk rock bliss that includes a cover of Petrograd which was originally performed by Cringer (Lance, R.I.P.), some really moving lyrics and some kick ass dual vocal harmonies and guitar licks. It’s sugar sweet stuff! If you like melodic pop / punk, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t dig this band. This album still rates highly as one of my faves. Stand out tracks can all be heard below. Why? Cos I’m nice and uploaded these tracks for your listening pleasure. Now, do yourself a favour and hunt this down. Look for it on eBay. Collect the singles too!

And Walker dudes, if you are reading this, thankyou so much for this record. At a time when I was getting bored with the whole pop / punk thing, you guys delivered a pearler. Heaps good!