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In my neverending quest to interview every single band I grew up listening to, your favourite Long Gone Loser is back with one helluva show. This week I bring you one of my most requested interviews. This interview with singer / songwriter, Simon Day, was conducted upstairs at the Corner Hotel before their show in November, 2014. While that was almost three years ago, it is as relevant today as it was then because this is a chat about history and music and the career of Sydney’s power pop band, RATCAT. Since I first started doing music journalism in the early 90s writing a zine, I had always wanted to secure an interview with RATCAT and it just seemed impossible but voila, here it is! I am so damn happy it is now in podcast form for you to hear. This is one of the best interviews found within the LGL archives. Please enjoy this chat by clicking on THIS LINK and if any of you have a copy of that Hummingbirds / Ratcat split 7″ and you would like it to go to a new home, please send it my way. I’d love you forever!

All tunes by RATCAT.



GREEN DAY – Slappy 7″
Label: Lookout Records
Year: 1990

Words by Damo.

So back in 1990 there was an independent band in Australia named Ratcat who hit the charts with a catchy single titled That Ain’t Bad. It was released on an EP called Tingles and shot the band straight into the mainstream public with catchy hooks and a Buzzcocks-ish vibe that reeked of distortion and melody. This once little known trio from Sydney were now everywhere; on TV, in magazines, everywhere. Ratcat Mania had swept the nation and the band went on to have a successful album called Blind Love before disappearing into obscurity with their follow up that basically saw their ‘new’ fans move on to the next hottest newest what’s hip number one album of the year and forget about this power pop band and their three hit singles (all great). Still, people like myself were not going to walk out on our favourite bands at the time and Ratcat were still a band we supported and still do to this day. (more…)

Episode 68

We are back with another variety show of shenanigans and antics. This week Damo, Andrew, Amy, Peta, Michele, and our very own Walking Dead historian, Rhea, all got together to discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead and our theories for the future episodes for this season surrounding Negan. We also reviewed the Deadpool movie because by now you should all have seen it, and we somehow discussed the first time we saw a horror movie and were exposed to pornography. Yeah, really. There’s hilarity the whole way through and we’re surprised Andrew stayed awake through the whole thing. Listen now by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
Social Distortion
Face To Face
The Exploited
Iron Maiden
Crucified Barbara
Grand Theft Audio
Screeching Weasel
Eliza And The Delusionals
Free Moving Curtis