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So for years people have been asking me if I will ever get someone from The Hellacopters on the show since the name of the zine I started in 1998 and this podcast I started in 2007 was named after one of their songs. Well, my friends, it finally happened and it’s awesome! I got The Hellacopters’ drummer, Robert Eriksson, on to have a chat about all things ‘Copters and the like in this two hour spectacular of radness. The Hellacopters mean so much to a lot of people, myself included, and so Robert coming on this show was pretty darn special for me. I have featured interviews with both Nicke Andersson (vocals / guitars) and Robert at separate times in the zine in the past and they were on the cover of the very first issue, but many years have passed since those zine days and The Hellacopters have reformed and the people have been more than excited. Is it just a reunion? Will there be more shows? New albums? What is coming next? Well I made sure to ask Robert all about those hot topics and it’s all here. We start from his beginnings, how the band formed, their unfortunate demise in 1998, to their reunion shows happening this year. It’s a great chat and I think you’re going to love it. Listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK. If you want to stay in the loop with all things Long Gone Loser, subscribe by clicking on the link over there on the left side of the page. Thank you for listening.

All music by The Hellacopters (of course).



I was going through my old video tapes and stumbled across this. After re-watching this I knew I had to upload it for all to see. Right here we have a classic interview with Nicke and Boba from Sweden’s greatest rock n roll band, The Hellacopters, being interview by Australian Idol host, Andy G. Why do you need to see this interview? Because it’s funny. It’s quite clear that Andy G doesn’t really know a lot about rock n roll besides seeing KISS in concert. But I have met dudes who have 6 year old kids who like KISS too so it doesn’t really count. Anyway, this interview shows a very disinterested Nicke and Boba be subjected to questions about the weather and why they chose to see an AC/DC video. Seriously. This is quality journalism. Not that I am any better but there’s so much to the Hellacopters history that could be spoken about. Either way, click, watch, laugh and share.

Andy G: “Why AC/DC?”
Nicke: “Why? Cos it’s good?”

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