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Episode 86

This week’s episode features a chat / interview Damo did at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas with none other than guitarist Stephen Egerton (Descendents / ALL / Flag), with a special guest appearance by bassist Karl Alvarez (Descendents / ALL). This is one great interview and covers a whole variety of topics from the guitar styles of Greg Ginn to 80s hair metal to a very interesting story about our very own AC/DC. This is a definite must hear for any fans of the Descendents or for anyone who just enjoys punk rock in general. I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity and I thank you all for the support you have shown the show so far. Don’t forget you can subscribe to the show on the left or you can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)


Today was a long day. After working 8 hours straight at my crappy job, I headed to the Espy to conduct an interview with Baroness vocalist and guitarist, John Dyer Baizley (which you will be able to read on this site very soon). After that was done, I headed to Albert Park and played some golf with Willie from the band Lamb Of God. How do these things happen? Who the fuck knows but it’s times like these I actually like my life. Outside of doing anything to do with music, I pretty much think my life is complete shit. But lets not get all emo now, this is about Baroness, not me.

After heading home to collect the car, I headed back to the Espy to see Baroness play one of their sideshows to their Metallica support (get there early otherwise you will miss them as they are on when doors open at 7pm). They got 2 shows left from this Metallica tour but this one, this was their show. No half hour set, no playing to a half empty arena, this was their time and dude, did they make sure that it was.

I arrived in time to see half of Akaname’s set as they played to a packed solid venue. These guys play heavy instrumental stuff kinda like Pelican meets Keelhaul. Very cool. Great riffs and a huge sound. They have a self-released, self-titled album out now. Grab yourself a copy. Akaname went down a storm. Great stuff! I was unsure just how many people ‘get’ the whole deal with Baroness but it appears there’s a shitload more now than there was when I saw them at the Corner Hotel earlier this year when they shared the stage with ISIS. Excellent!

Baroness came on at 11:15 and within minutes they tore the stage apart. Pulling tracks from every release (bar the split with Unpersons), they delivered. Bigtime. And the best thing, you could tell these guys loved every minute of it. They gave it 110%. You couldn’t have not been impressed by the high energy coming off that stage tonight. I mean, really, this was something else. These guys have grown in leaps and bounds since their last visit here and it appears no one left unimpressed. How could you be? These guys have the songs, they just need to deliver them in the best way possible… which they did… and then some. There’s a place in everyone’s life for Baroness and if they didn’t win you over this time then you’re either boring or you don’t listen to music, you just hear it and that’s your loss.

Baroness have proven themselves to be a major player with the big boys and to be honest, those guys at the top, they better watch out cos this band is gonna show ya whose boss… unintentionally too. That’s just the kinda band they are. They aren’t out to be better, they just love playing music and it just so happens that they damn well are better than most of the crap that is being branded as ‘heavy’ these days. Well played. If you were there, well, you were there. If you weren’t, you either had a neck injury or were just not awesome enough. Sorry. Better luck next time, eh?

Baroness’ latest epic, “Blue Record” is out now on Relapse / Riot!

Yeah, so this review is a week old. What’s up with that? Well the story goes like this: I wanted to add a youtube video of the song “Jawa” that I filmed at this show but my housemate downloads heaps of porn and went over our monthly download quota so was unable to upload it. NEWS FLASH!!! You can now find that video under the photos below but firstly, to the review.

I remember the first time I ever saw BUDD play, around 1995, I think. My mate Tim plays in this band called Screamfeeder and he told me his mate’s were playing in Adelaide (which is where I lived at the time) and that I should go check them out. So I did. They were playing at this place called the Mad Love Bar which was down some side street off Rundle street. They were supporting the band The Mark Of Cain and my mates that were going were big TMOC fans so I was happy to go along. When we got there, the place was packed and Budd were just about to go on. This was when they had just released NAF, yeah I know, I was a bit late to the table but still, I got there.

The line-up in Budd at this time was Jeremy – Guitar and vocals, Narko – Bass, DD Meanie – Guitars and Skiddles – Drums. Once the band kicked in, let’s just say, I was extremely blown away. I had never heard something so heavy yet perfectly crafted. Like it was loud, noisy and insanely brutal yet there was clarity there. And the energy levels for a band playing sludgey groove riffs was incredible. When the Mark of Cain came on, I felt an anti-climax. Finally, I got to see one of Adelaide’s best be shown the door. And that’s not to dismiss TMOC’s greatness. They are indeed a top band but this night was BUDD’s night. It has been implanted on my brain ever since and still remains as one of the heaviest and grooviest shows I have ever seen. So much that I was in this band called Undertone at the time and I went home after the gig and stayed awake til 4 am writing this song called “Shut Off” (which you can hear at this website) that had shades of BUDD throughout. Mainly the stop/starting drums thing. I will always thank BUDD for the inspiration behind that song.

ANYWAY, so let’s fast forward about 15 years to the Old Bar last weekend. BUDD are celebrating a new release titled “Jawa” and since BUDD just don’t ever play enough shows, I had to get along. I mean, really, when a band hardly ever plays a live show, you start wondering if they’ll ever play again so you attend the shows just in case they get sick of it and call it a day. Cos, like, you just never know, right? So me and a couple mates headed out to the show…

Now I have to make a special announcement here…

I have to give my apology to the 3 other opening bands who I missed all the sets of cos I was busy about 20 metres down the road at the Burlesque Bar watching half-naked hot women drench their bodies in caramel sauce and then cover themselves in feathers. I think that warrants as a perfectly acceptable excuse for my missing your sets. I know what you’re thinking: Chicks = Trouble. Yes, you are right and I am guilty as charged. Now, back to the review…

So at midnight, I left the Burlesque Bar and skedaddled my way down to the Old Bar just before BUDD started and upon arriving, I was greeted with my favourite pedal board for any band ever. Purely cos of the confusing factor.

Opening with “Bocci” off their Prana album, I knew what was coming and it was gonna be huge. Luckily for me, I am smart enough to wear ear plugs these days. Yeah, weak but I like being able to hear stuff besides the constant ringing I have in my ears. The line-up is different these days featuring members of Christbait (Craig Westwood on the bass) and Ricaine (the drummer, Tom, I forgot the rest of his name, sorry dude!) but it’s still just as powerful. BUDD are in a genre all of their own. A band that should have been huge but never quite got there which still seems weird to me but I am a little off centre so that has no basis for anything, anyway. If you like heavy goove and listen to the likes of Pelican, Keelhaul, Baroness, Shellac, Boris, etc. then you should be all over this band. As the band continued playing their set, it was a good reminder that this band really are on their game and should be playing more often, making a lot more noise than 1 gig every 2 and a half years.

Also, there should be rare vinyl releases of this band all over the place but there’s not, which is just so retarded. I always wanted to hear this band on vinyl, granted I do have the double 10″ released on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label and the single sided etched 7″ on Fellaheen but their vinyl releases stop there. Ovit should have been on wax as should have both NAF and Yakfat. So why weren’t they? Well, when they were released, back in the day, it was at the time in the early 90’s when labels were thinking the CD was the coollest thing ever and that nobody was buying records. HA! Not the case. But anyway, talking with Jeremy after the show, it appears that the new album Jawa may just be released on wax after all. Yep, now you’re talkin’! I await this release with anticipation. So much that I didn’t buy the CD on the night cos I want the better format. Yeah, I’m that guy.

I must say, seeing BUDD again was damn exciting. Have always been a huge fan and it was good to see that they are still out there doing it. The crowd digged it and it appears people did miss their absence. Let’s hope it’s not another 2 and a half years before we catch them live again.