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This week’s special guest is none other than Canadian born San Francisco artist, Dirty Donny Gillies! If you’ve been keeping track at home, Donny was in issue 6 of the Long Gone Loser zine and now he is on episode 125 of the podcast 16 years later. Who’d ever have thought? But alas, here he is and he tells all about his art and getting involved with the guys from Metallica and his love of Ed Roth and what brought him to Australia and all that cool stuff. Hell yeah! Also, the music… he requested all Australian bands cos he loves Australian rock n roll so there ya go, that’s pretty exciting! You can listen in right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)


Sometime in the mid to late 90’s, there was this awesome record store in Adelaide called Thrash Grind & Grunge. It was also home to Dominator Records; a label that was home to such bands as The Mark Of Cain, Bloodsucking Freaks, Grunter, and Truth Corroded, just to name a few. Each week I’d go there and snap up bargains and buy records and all that stuff. It was pretty awesome. You could easily unload wads of cash at this place and walk out with some serious rarities at ridiculous prices. It was definitely my favourite record store at the time and I even did some part time work there. ANYWAY, one day, a Thrash Grind & Grunge regular named Kami decided to open a book store next door. He named the store Factotum Books and started selling alternative books, trash magazines, crime fiction and most famously, paintings, postcards and other such memorabilia from serial killers. It attracted a lot of attention and raised a few eyebrows. The fuzz took notice of this small shop’s infamous wares on sale and the journalistic heroism of the current affairs program Today Tonight decided to do a story on this new controversial store in the serial killer capital of the world, Adelaide. Here’s that story:

Sadly, Factotum Books no longer exists and either do half the serial killers whose paintings and memorabilia were being sold so if you were lucky enough to buy a crappy painting of clowns or birds, you are indeed the proud owner of some rare collectable art that is hopefully worth more than you paid for it.

“I guess rockstars got boring.” – Campbell McInnes