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Who Stole the Keeshka? Yes indeed! A mystery that boggles us all and that is why this week’s guest is none other than award-winning* author, vocalist and podcast host, the one and only Rockin’ Reverend Norb from the almighty Boris The Sprinkler! Hell yeah, this is a guest we have wanted on the show for years so here it is in all it’s glory of the digital airwaves form coming to you via whatever means you listen to podcasts on! This episode is totally wacky and oddball to the hilt and that’s why it’s one you are gonna love. If you are not at all hip to the sounds of Boris The Sprinkler or his work with The Onions, you will want to be after this zany chat. It’s awesome… so why not dive right into it and let’s get this party started! DEFROST!

To listen right now click on THIS LINK.

You can buy Norb’s tunes and books by clicking on THIS LINK.

* “Award Winning” sounds so much cooler than just plain “Author” so just roll with it, okay cos the fact remains, he should be award winning, dammit!



She’s adorable, she’s talented, she’s Ainslie Adams; a burlesque dancer and a Suicide Girl Hopeful from Melbourne and she’s on the latest episode of the LGL Podcast to talk about all things burlesque and Suicide Girls from her beginnings to today and beyond. It turned out to be quite a fun chat and I should also point out that she also chose all the music for the show and from the photo below, she most certainly has bitchin’ taste in rock! You can listen right now by clicking on THIS LINK. (more…)

So I don’t ever usually review shows I paid a ticket for but I have to rave about this one cos it was heaps awesome n stuff. Here’s the scoop; I bought a ticket cos Iggy & The Stooges was announced. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I was deported from the UK in May last year when I went to see Iggy & The Stooges at the Hammersmith Odeon so finally getting to see them was a big deal for me (I should state that the reason I was deported is that the UK Customs thought I was going to the UK work illegally so they refused me entry and didn’t attempt to ring my friends and confirm my reasons for being in the UK which was to see Iggy & The Stooges!). Then to add to the awesomeness, Andrew WK, The Black Keys, Airbourne and the Jim Jones Revue were added. I was uber excited! Sadly, closer to show time, The Black Keys cancelled their Australian show due to excessive touring burnout. I was kinda sad but once I got there, I didn’t care.

As soon as I got through the gates I headed to see the Jim Jones Revue. I am a huge fan of these cats and so seeing them live was gonna be sweet as! They came on stage to thunderous applause and tore it up, bigtime. I was fuckin stoked! Dancing like a dancey thing, groovin’ and movin’. It was wild. So wild that because I love you peeps, here’s a video I took of the JJR kickin’ off their set with “Dishonest John”…

From the JJR, I headed off quickly to the main stages to catch the last 20 minutes of Melbourne rockers, Airbourne. As always, a great rock n roll show was delivered to the enthusiastic crowd. What a band! Great songs, high energy, the whole kaboodle. Brilliant!

I then headed to see Andrew WK party hard with his band and party hard they did. What a set! AWK is good time party music. On a day that was a scorcher in the weather stakes (38 degrees), the crowd didn’t let that stop them from going fuckin’ apeshit in a huge circle pit once AWK sang his anthemic “Party Hard”. Here’s proof…

I waited around for a bit in the Lilyworld area for Andrew WK to make a solo appearance where he and random members of the crowd sang and played along to spontaneous covers of Billy Joel and The Troggs. It was pretty awesome. I had to laugh. Another good time for all involved. At this point, I managed to have a quick chat to Andrew who was more than nice. A top dude. Also spoke to his band members about Obituary. And why not? Classic stuff!

Time was drawing near for Iggy & The Stooges… a band I was longing to see. When 6:30pm rolled around, securing a front row spot, I was treated to an hour of pure rock n roll as the band launched into “Raw Power” and tore it up, inviting the crowd to get on stage and dance with him during “Shake Appeal” thus causing chaos for the BDO Security at the front of the stage. It took the security 3 songs to remove the crowd from the area between the stage and the barrier. Classic! It was heaps awesome. Want proof? Bust this…

After The Stooges were done, I headed back to Lilyworld as I had been tipped off on a band from Japan called Red Bacteria Vacuum. Well, that was indeed the best decision made that day as these 3 Japanese girls kicked out the fuckin’ jams with a blast of insane punk rock meets metal and pop. Totally off the wall and nothing short of mind-blowing. I suggest you check this band out STAT! When the band were done, I headed off. I didn’t need to sit through Rammstein or Tool. Nothing was going to compare to the bands I had seen that day. Yep, awesome.