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On the show this week, I talk about the time I met Richie Ramone. Having been a huge fan of Too Tough To Die, Animal Boy and Halfway To Sanity, meeting the legendary Ramone was one of those awesome moments that I am most grateful for. Thanks heaps to my buddy, James “Slurms” for helping to make this a reality.

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This episode is Estrus Equipped!

This week Damo and Chris do a deep dive into the world of Estrus Records; the label from Bellingham, Washington, and the brainchild of Mono Men guitarist and vocalist, Dave Crider. We take a look at the bands, the releases, the artwork, and everything else all from a fan’s perspective. We don’t claim to know everything, we just buy a lot of records and Estrus is a label we both collect. Enjoy!

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This week on Ramonesmania I tell the story of the two times I met CJ Ramone and being a total fanboy while trying to remain cool and calm as to not blow my cover that I am in fact, just a dork.

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This week on Ramonesmania I talk about the Record Store Day release this year of the New Year’s Eve Palladium Show from 1979/80. Heaps good! But that’s not all, I also tell the story of how I ended up touring with Marky Ramone in the Summer of 2002. All of the fun times are found within. Enjoy!

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Second episode is here and this week I talk about the debut album by the Ramones and some of the collectible versions I have relating to this release.

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This week’s guest is the legend that is Lindsey Anderson aka Kitty Kowalski – the Forrest Gump of punk rock! This show is an absolute blast and all we did was scratch the surface. We hear stories about the Ramones, MOBY, the Beastie Boys, Daniel Rey, Rick Rubin, Rob Zombie, and so much more! There is so many great stories to be found within and I can’t wait to have her back on the show to hear some more.

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