Michele and Damo are back with a new episode of shenanigans and great music. Sooooooo many good tunes on this week’s show. New tunes, old tunes, classic tunes, re-issues, the whole kaboodle! Seriously bitchin’ stuff. You can listen to all the kafuffle by clicking on THIS LINK.

Enjoy tunes by:
CJ Ramone
Tina & The Total Babes
Masked Intruder
The Sex Organs
The Monsters
Banner Pilot
Some Jerks
Plow United
Retching Red
The Turkletons
Cock Sparrer
Drunk In Public
Against The Grain
The Hellacopters
Little Murders


  1. Sludger says:

    Found your blog through a BUDD post on YouTube. Rockin tunes, love the podcasts! Is it me, or is finding any BUDD either stoner era or sludge era, impossible to find?

    • longgoneloser says:

      Thank you so much for the comment. Yeah, BUDD stuff is impossible to find. They have a neW-ish EP out and I have not seen a copy anywhere. It’s crazy! I went to the cd launch and don’t think I even saw a copy there. I have everything else they’ve done but I never see their releases around anywhere.

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