6th Jan. 2017. The Lookouting at 924 Gilman St. Second show.

Posted: January 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Tonight I returned to Gilman St for the second instalment of The Lookouting and I knew tonight was going to be filled with all the good times that I had experienced last Sunday. During the week I was interviewed for The Lookouting documentary, I met up with the band Scherzo, and rehearsed with Cringeworthy for the show on Sunday. It’s been an eventful week so tonight I was psyched up to see Scherzo, The Wynona Riders, Surrogate Brains, Corrupted Morals, and Monsula. Excellent!

Arriving just in time to see Scherzo, it was still kind of surreal to me as I have been listening to that record for like 22 years and now I am seeing the band live. Not something I had ever thought would happen or possible. Having met the guys the night before, it turns out that the world is smaller than we thought and guitarist, Mark, knew people I knew back home in Melbourne. Heaps good! The band we both knew in question was pop punkers Caustic Soda (the singer now has Blueline Medic). Like I always say, when people know our countries music, it’s quite a thrill. Caustic Soda were awesome. Check out their 7″ on Crackle Records called Femalevolence. Trust me, it’s four songs of radness that shouldn’t be overlooked.

ANYWAY, back to Scherzo. These guys came on and tore it up. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but that’s rock n roll. Bret Michaels told me that when CC Deville showed up to play Talk Dirty To Me on the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards and it was a complete mess, and let’s be honest, Bret would know. Still, Scherzo opened with Suffering And Joy, the title track off their only full length, and it was a good time for all. Packed with harmonies and some great guitar tones, it was good to see a band who haven’t played together in so long just get up there and kick out the jams. Heaps good!

I remember way back in like ’93 when I bought that Childhood Game 7″ by The Wynona Riders, I picked it up cos I thought the band name was witty, and I liked the actress their name parodied, Winona Ryder (let’s be honest though, in the 90s, who didn’t?). I had met the Wynona Riders vocalist, Skip, while he was in Australia a few years back fronting the Dead Kennedys. After the show I approached him and told him I enjoyed the Wynona Riders and he was most surprised that I knew them out in Australia. Truth is, Childhood Game is my fave Riders tune and listeners of the show would know we have played it more than a few times over the years so seeing them play this tonight was just bliss! They rocked, even while Skip was suffering with the vocals as he choked on the smoke that poured out from the smoke machine. So glad I got to see them live.

I saw Surrogate Brains at the Ivy Room after Dr Frank’s solo performance the other night so I knew what I was in for with their set, just the crowd was heaps bigger and they sounded heaps better. It was a good time and I really do need to find that 7″ again cos I really don’t know what has happened to it.

I was excited to see Corrupted Morals as I have the Chet EP and I think it’s a super bitchin’ record. The fact that guitarist Larry LaLonde (of Primus and the almighty Possessed – they have an album called Seven Churches, look it up!) played with these guys at one time is pretty rad but unfortunately he was not in attendance as he was busy with Primus stuff… in 2017… who’d have thought? ANYWAY, it was still cool to see these guys and they delivered a great set of breakdowns and old school thrash punk and hardcore while the kids got to throw down at the front.

The Corrupted Morals set was setting the tone for what was about to come with Monsula. I don’t have a lot of Monsula stuff, a 7″ or an LP, maybe both, I think, but I really dug their set. High energy punk hardcore with melody and filled with moments like you see on those hardcore t-shirts where they have the black and white photo of the singer screaming words out loud while about 20 people are screaming at the mic he’s holding out to the audience. That was Monsula and it was great. Stoked!

Such a great night of bands I never thought I’d see live, ever. Gotta be happy with that.


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