Single On A Sunday – Volume 2

Posted: July 10, 2016 in Single On A Sunday
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GREEN DAY – Slappy 7″
Label: Lookout Records
Year: 1990

Words by Damo.

So back in 1990 there was an independent band in Australia named Ratcat who hit the charts with a catchy single titled That Ain’t Bad. It was released on an EP called Tingles and shot the band straight into the mainstream public with catchy hooks and a Buzzcocks-ish vibe that reeked of distortion and melody. This once little known trio from Sydney were now everywhere; on TV, in magazines, everywhere. Ratcat Mania had swept the nation and the band went on to have a successful album called Blind Love before disappearing into obscurity with their follow up that basically saw their ‘new’ fans move on to the next hottest newest what’s hip number one album of the year and forget about this power pop band and their three hit singles (all great). Still, people like myself were not going to walk out on our favourite bands at the time and Ratcat were still a band we supported and still do to this day.

Now what does this have to do with Green Day you may be asking yourself but let me explain…

You see, in 1991 when I started shopping at this record store called Thrash Grind and Grunge in Adelaide, one of the guys who worked there ran a punk rock distribution service called Spiral Objective. The guy who ran it, Greg, was also a massive record collector and he pretty much knew about all the cool bands. ANYWAY, being a huge Ratcat fan, I asked if he had the much sought after Ratcat debut on Waterfront Records. He did. He also said that if I took him in a cassette, he would tape it for me. Done deal! I went and bought a cassette and handed it over to him and sure enough, a week later when I returned to the store, he handed me a tape with Ratcat’s self-titled debut 12″ EP and some extra cuts for me to enjoy since if I was into Ratcat, maybe I’d like these other bands.

The extra cuts on the tape were Parasites‘ When I’m Here With You, No Means No‘s cover of DOA‘s New Age, and the Slappy EP by Green Day.

Getting home I put the tape in the player and listened away. The Ratcat EP was great as expected but then played Slappy. Immediately the track Paper Lanterns kicked in and my ears paid full attention. This was awesome. Like the Ramones, like the Buzzcocks, like Ratcat! I was hooked immediately and as each song went on, I was more and more intrigued. Why Do You Want Him? became the soundtrack to my highschool life. Then entered 409 In Your Coffeemaker and their cover of Operation Ivy‘s Knowledge. You have got to be kidding me? This ruled! Not only did I discover what I thought to be America’s Ratcat but I was also introduced to the world of Lookout! Records and from there it snowballed. But I digress…

The next week I went back to tell Greg how much I dug Green Day and paid $3 for my very own copy of Slappy so I could play the record the way it was meant to be heard as opposed to the tape I was quickly wearing out. Green Day was my new favourite band and I was going to tell everyone I knew about them. Keep in mind this was 1991 so the big punk explosion of 1994 that saw Dookie take over the world was still three years away.

I told everyone at school all about this band that sounded like Ratcat only to get told “that’s shit!” I knew one day they would eat their words and that’s exactly what happened.

Regardless if you’re one of the non-believers of Green Day cos you hate what you’ve heard on the radio, do yourself a favour and delve into their pre-Dookie records, especially this EP along with their first 7″, 1000 Hours. You won’t be disappointed. This stuff is nothing short of awesome. Have a listen below if you’re still not convinced.


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