I am back with an awesome episode that is filled with radness. Ramones tour manager, Monte Melnick, is my special guest this week and talks all things Ramones. Knowing how much of a Ramones fan I am, you know this is going to be one fun interview and I can assure you, it totally is. Monte tells all in this revealing interview about his time with the punk legends. It’s quite a fun interview and there’s some awesome tunes for added radness. Thanks to Kitty Kowalski for helping organise this. Click this link and you can listen right now!

Enjoy these tunes:
Ramones – “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg”
Motorhead – “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.”
Screeching Weasel – “Havana Affair”
Boris The Sprinkler – “Rock N Roll Highschool”
McRackins – Durango 95 / Warthog”
Vindictives – “Glad To See You Go”
Backyard Babies – “Pet Sematary”
Sloppy Seconds – You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone”
Helen Love – Debbie Loves Joey”
The Mr T Experience – “The End Of The Ramones”

You can get yourself a copy of Monte Melnick’s book, On The Road With The Ramones, via this link.


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