This week we feature an in depth interview with Rock’s very own egg; Bil McRackin of Vancouver pop punkers, the McRackins! This interview covers all bases from their humble beginnings in the early 90s right through til the modern day. It’s a fun filled adventure with stories detailing their hair metal beginnings, their unfortunate Colorado bus crash, their overseas tours, the Ramones, the solo projects, and a whole lot more. Filled with songs and awesomeness, you can hear this episode right now by clicking on this link.

Hear these bitchin’ tunes right here, right now!
Candy (McRackins)
Look Who’s Laughing Now (McRackins)
Bittergreen (McRackins)
Spazz (McRackins)
Colorado Van Crash (McRackins)
Mama’s Boy (McRackins)
Daytime Dilemma (McRackins)
Endless Vacation (McRackins)
We Like To Make Records (McRackins)
Pollyanna (McRackins)
Willy Killigan (McRackins)
The End (Bil McRackin)
Nytol (McRackins)
Superpowered Superfly (Doubtfire)
California (Doubtfire)
Love This Rock N Roll (Doubtfire)
Pee Pee Dance (McRackins)
Talk Dirty To Me (McRackins)
Teenage Valentino (McRackins)



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