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BURIAL GROUND: The Nights Of Terror (1981)
Directed by: Andrea Bianchi
Review by Michele.

Having paid a full two dollars, I expected a lot from Burial Ground: Nights of Terror. Boy was I wrong. I have half a mind to return to the pawn shop from which it was purchased and demand at least fifty cents back.

To start with the film was originally done in Italian and then transferred to badly dubbed English, Godzilla ain’t got nothin’ on you Burial Ground.

An overzealous professor unwittingly unleashes a horde of flesh eating zombies on a group of socialites made of three couples and one woman’s pervy son, can we say mommy issues? This concept I can get behind. What I cannot abide, is the inconsistency with which these zombies are portrayed. Like why would a zombie strangle a dude? No, I can’t find an explanation for that. Also, like since when do zombies all group together to try and use a giant log to break down a door?

In the end, the four surviving members of this tragic event seek solace in a monastery where they find…? You guessed it zombie monks. You’re so smart. The kid turns into a zombie and eats his mom, though maybe not in the way we all know he wanted to. A couple of people get put through a table saw by the zombies, cos what’s it worth being an undead zombie if you can’t be a little inventive with your meals. Every single person becomes a zombie. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Though maybe they weren’t talking about zombies.

All in all I give Burial Ground: Nights of Terror 3 out of 5 hooded zombie monks. If nothing else you can play a fun game of trying to see which zombie has the worst special effects makeup.