Episode 35

Less talk, more rock! In fact, there is no chit chat at all, it’s just song after song. Why? Well, I haven’t been feeling the best but I couldn’t let you guys and gals go without a show so after a buddy recommended I do a show regardless, I feel I have nothing meaningful to say right now and I am kinda dealing with a bunch of personal crap mixed with trying to organise everyone to come on the show, I figured to just deliver 26 songs; a song by a band for each letter of the alphabet. Why? Well, why not? These are all 45s. No albums or EPs – just singles. I think it turned out pretty cool and there’s enough tunes here for you to see it as your very own mixtape from your pals at the Long Gone Loser Rock Show. You can listen in right now by clicking this link.

Enjoy tunes by:
Against The Grain
Bad Brains
Chemical People
Dum Dum Girls
Egg Hunt
Fortunate Sons
Grand Theft Audio
Johnny Tu-Note And The Scopitones
Kingdom Come
No For An Answer
Psychotic Turnbuckles
The Relationship
Upper Crust
The Vindictives
Wynona Riders
The X-Rays
The Yum Yums

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