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Episode 11

This week Damo dropped a bomb! He told Michele and Craig that there was going to be a special guest calling in to the show. They had no idea who it was going to be until the moment the phone rang and they heard the voice on the other end of the phone. The first live interview the crew have done on the show and it is most amusing. Tune in to see just who was calling the show to give us the goss. Trust me, it’s hilarious! As usual the gang get up to all sorts of shenanigans and Craig steps up to The Things challenge because none of you could be bothered to win prizes. We also pay homage and tribute to Jay Curley from Proton Energy Pills / Brother Brick / Tumbleweed. There’s so much packed into this episode and even some songs that we never thought would ever get played on the show. We spin some new releases from the likes of Fozzy, Loose Pills and The Reprobettes and a bunch of golden greats. This one rules and you can listen right now by clicking on this link!

Enjoy tunes by:
Proton Energy Pills
The Things (with guest star, Craig!!!)
The Hussy
Loose Pills
The Reprobettes
The Shine
Tax The Heat
Lawnmower Deth