Working with Devin Townsend for HEAVY TV.

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Random Rant
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For me, Devin Townsend has always been an interesting character. When I first heard Strapping Young Lad, I just couldn’t get into it. It just didn’t make sense to me, it was too chaotic and just wasn’t connecting with me at the time. I was already into his solo material because, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for melodies and his solo work is packed full of them. The song Christeen is a prime example of the melodies and use of harmonies that I love. Then some day I was just listening away to music on my lonesome and I decided to give SYL another go. I don’t know what prompted me to do this but the song I listened to was a track called Love. I don’t know what it was but it just resonated with me and right from that moment forward, I have been an avid fan. I don’t know what it was specifically about that day but it just hit me and I was hooked right in. Done and dusted. I was a converted fan and I was loving it.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to interview Devin on the phone for HEAVY Magazine and seen him live in concert, one of these shows was an intimate acoustic show at Allan’s music in Melbourne where for three hours Devin told stories and played a bunch of tunes in the most stripped back ways without all the effects, drums, guitars and keyboards. It was really surreal and quite a moving experience.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be granted an interview with Devin for HEAVY TV. The interview was to be held at The Palace Theatre, the same venue that he would be performing at that night. The interview was to be done after soundcheck so I got there around 4:30pm and met up with the host, Doug Steele. Around 5pm we were let in and after a bit of nosing around, we decided that we would hold the interview upstairs on the top floor where everything we walked on seemed to have been covered with alcohol making the soles of our shoes stick with every step. Good times!

We set up around these couches which seemed like as good a place as any to interview the Canadian metal rocker. After much rearranging of furniture we got the place all looking good for the shots we wanted as Devin ran through a soundcheck that sounded pretty awesome. Once soundcheck was over, Devin was brought up for his HEAVY TV interview. Like always, he was friendly and seemed really relaxed. While we were getting the microphone settings right, he engaged in conversation with us about anything and everything and was quite humorous through the whole thing.

Then came interview time. The cameras rolled and away Doug went with his questions and praise for his guest. The whole thing was extremely interesting and insightful as Townsend answered every question with a genuine interest in all that was asked of him. For a good solid 20 minutes he gave us his time in what was no doubt a busy schedule and for that we thank him. After the interview was done, the crew snapped some photos and got some signatures. Mine? The book that came with the Strapping Young Lad vinyl boxset. Personalised by the man himself to.

An all round solid day and a great success to everyone involved with the HEAVY TV crew (Sheri, Mike, Doug, and myself). Stay tuned to HEAVY TV for the link to the video interview.



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