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This has been a most crazy week. Sunday night I went to see Fu Manchu and that was the only plans I actually had. I got to the show, spoke to the promoter and in a passing comment just said “Shame we didn’t organise an interview for the mag this tour” and he said “you could do it tomorrow if you want?” and BAM! Sorted. This also got me a review pass for the show as well.

I got to the venue and was able to interview Scott from Fu Manchu before the band did their soundcheck. Scott appeared a little exhausted and do you blame him? They had flown all over the country and done shows pretty much every day they were in the country. Props to them! They sure didn’t show any signs of slowing down once they took to the stage. Both shows were simply fantastic and hearing the album, In Search Of, played in its entirety the second night, that was like a dream come true.

From out of nowhere the magazine asks me to interview The Darkness and it will be a face to face interview at their hotel room. I was also told I will be reviewing the show last night. So I went to the show, it was amazing, and wrote my review. Today I headed to the city to do the interview at their hotel and when I arrived I was told I would be speaking with both Dan and Justin. Okey dokies, works for me. We went to the room and I was greeted by Justin and walked in and took in the view that overlooked the city of Melbourne. Pretty swish!

Moments later, in walks Dan. We then joke about on how we would do this interview; sitting or standing. My back was hurting so I chose to stand and then Justin and Dan started joking about doing a standing interview and the 3 of us stood there laughing about it all. The interview got under way and both of them were totally honest and open about everything I put to them. I was really stoked that they opened up about personal stuff and didn’t mind talking about it all. It really was something special. The interview lasted a good 30 minutes and the guys signed my Permission To Land LP and had a photo taken with me. I walked away most pleased with the outcome.

On the way home, I received a phone call from the publicist who offered me a free ticket to the show tonight. I was super happy. The show last night was great so seeing it again was going to be complete radness. I got to the venue and was advised I have a after show pass to hang with the band and that I also have an extra ticket for someone else. I hadn’t invited anyone to go with me. I called everyone and no one picked up their phones. I was like “WTF?!?!?! Why does this always happen?” Seriously, you guys have no idea how impossible it is to get rid of free tickets when I get them. Everyone is always too busy yet some of them still complain that they can’t afford to see any shows. Anyway, my friend Julianne came along as she just happened to be in the city. She came and enjoyed the show but couldn’t hang around for the after show. I gave the pass to this girl, Jill and after the show, she seemed quite pleased meeting the band. I’m glad I can do these things for people who normally wouldn’t get these opportunities. I just had a few words with the band, we bid our farewells, and I headed home. I’m exhausted.

Next interview is Friday where I will be interviewing Mille from Kreator. I don’t have to leave my house for this one though so that’s good. Yay! I think I am going to stay indoors for a while and just rest. This week was 4 gigs in a row and they were mostly long days with all the running around and interviews n stuff.

Still, life’s good. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Fuck ‘em. Just do it.