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Posted: August 29, 2011 in Album Review
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We Sink – S/T 10” vinyl (Chorus of One)
After hearing so many limp wristed H/C bands from America (you know the ones, with the eyeliner, fringes, no hope for the future look) & even from my own Country, Australia, it’s rather refreshing when a band from a foreign land wraps a crowbar around your ears & demands you to take a listen. We Sink hail from Parma, Italy & from the intensity of the music & the harshness in the vocals, the City must really suck. This is brutal hardcore that verges on grindcore punk. Heavy riffs & break neck drumming that goes through your body like a sonic hit of hate. Not for the faint of heart. We Sink bring the aggression back into Hardcore music as well as the intensity that is lacking in today’s (so called) H/C scene. To top it all off, the packaging is great & in the vein of “old school” with the no band name cover that has a picture of what looks like a demented demonic skull & hand written song titles on the back cover, cut & paste style. Don’t hesitate, get onto Chorus of One immediately & buy a copy or two. (Vincent von Fuhkk).

Boozed – One Mile (Chorus of One)
This is one rockin’ album & if this doesn’t get your hips shaking or at least your toes a tappin’ then I guess you’re already dead. The song writing / arrangement is damn impressive, these guys obviously know what they’re doing & have listened to all the right albums of yesteryear, very influenced by 70’s riff rock. The vocals are strong, aggressive & dirty without being over bearing, all backed up by some powerful harmonies, it all melts together very well. Musically it’s definitely up beat, chock full of rockers & if your already a fan of big riffs with blazing solo’s you’ll dig this album, they even throw in some slide guitar which sounds great. Also doesn’t hurt having the Hellacopters (which I can’t help but think are very big influence on Boozed) very own Nicke Andersson lending his guitar work (apparently at his request) on the song “Circus. You’ll be wanting to purchase the vinyl edition too as it comes with 2 bonus tracks & a gatefold cover. (Vincent von Fuhkk).


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