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Back in April 2010, I headed overseas to go on tour with punk rock n roller, Simon Chainsaw, as he tore around Europe in support of his new CD, Eight Times Lucky released on Kicking Records. It was a wild ride of ups and downs, good times and bad (but not bad enough that I wouldn’t do it again in a heartbeat) and general rock n roll fun. The tour went through France, Switzerland and Spain and I met a lot of wonderful people and, of course, bought some amazing records that I had found while scouring through the used stores. Good times!

While we were in Montessa, Spain, we stayed at this recording studio as the Simon Chainsaw band recorded 4 new tunes. When Simon told me he wanted to record a cover of one of my very own tunes, I was pretty taken aback. I mean, being told a song you wrote is great is a nice compliment but being told you have a song that people connect with enough to want to cover it, that’s like a huge ego boost. But I digress…

Today, the new single from Simon Chainsaw arrived on my doorstep. I was glad to see the record in its finished form. I took the clear vinyl record out, put the needle on the record and cranked it up. These 4 songs, to put it mildly, kick ass! Starting off with ‘She Was Zen’, I remember Simon writing this at any given opportunity where he had 5 minutes to himself to put it together and personally, I found it the strongest song of the bunch. Nasty Samy’s signature guitar work and harmony lines just add that special something to make this song stick. This should be played on radio stations everywhere.

The next tune was the cover of Muscle Car’s ‘Not The Kind Of Attitude’ and what Simon and Co. have done with this song is awesome and gets my tick of approval. The band has added something else to the mix and comes off sounding stronger than the original. Whilst hearing someone else sing a song that was a true story in my life, Simon does it justice and delivers it exactly how I would want one of my own songs covered. Top notch!

Side B dishes up another original titled ‘Midwife Crisis’, a title that I am surprised I had never come up with already. Classic! While not as straight up catchy as ‘She Was Zen’, it still packs a punch of punk rock angst proving once again that Simon’s songwriting can be whatever it wants and still remain within the SC framework that he has built for himself.

The last tune on the EP is a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls early quickie, ‘Laughing’. I remember when the decision for this record was made. We were sitting around the Kicking Records office and we were flicking through their records and the GGD’s ‘Hold Me Up’ LP was in there. We took it out and cranked it up as we were mostly all in agreeance that the GGD’s wrote some kick ass power pop punky tunes. From the moment the song played, we were all like “fuck yeah, this song kicks ass!” and the 2nd cover tune for this EP was chosen. Hearing it now, it sounds great! Simon hasn’t tried to mimic the voice of Robby Takac, instead, just doing what he does and kicking out the jams. Not a bad effort at all. A great cover of a classic Dolls song.

Four On The Floor is pressed on clear vinyl and limited to 300 hand numbered copies. I suggest you get your hands on this one quick cos once it’s gone, that’s it. Order now from or through


Okay, bust this! Back in January of 2006, I was lucky enough to interview the one and only Nicole Stoffman. “Who?” I hear you say? Well maybe this will refresh your memory… she was better known to us as the starlet who played Degrassi Diva, Stephanie Kaye in Season 1 of Degrassi Junior High. Stephanie was most amusing. Every guy wanted to be with her, every girl wanted to be her. Well, all except Voula. But that’s cos she had a crap dad who wouldn’t let her go to the school dance because they had boys there. Regardless, Stephanie was always one to shake things up. Remember when she tried hitting on that soap star and he gave her his phone number and he tried to put the moves on a 14 year old Steph in his white corvette? Or when Wheels went out on a date and everyone thought Steph was a slut and she’d nail anyone at any time? Or that time when she won the role of school president because she offered guys kisses if they voted for her? Of course you do! You watched it cos it’s awesome. We all did. Degrassi is like the best show for highschool kids that has ever hit the airwaves. Like remember when Rick’s dad beat him up cos he gave Joey a can of coke? Not that it’s related to anything to do with this interview but I just remembered it. Anyway, here is my interview with with Nicole Stoffman that was featured in issue #13 of Long Gone Loser. Read on and enjoy… even if she didn’t remember who Claude Tanner was but then again, she wasn’t in the series then so we let that slide here at the LGL office. (more…)

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We Sink – S/T 10” vinyl (Chorus of One)
After hearing so many limp wristed H/C bands from America (you know the ones, with the eyeliner, fringes, no hope for the future look) & even from my own Country, Australia, it’s rather refreshing when a band from a foreign land wraps a crowbar around your ears & demands you to take a listen. We Sink hail from Parma, Italy & from the intensity of the music & the harshness in the vocals, the City must really suck. This is brutal hardcore that verges on grindcore punk. Heavy riffs & break neck drumming that goes through your body like a sonic hit of hate. Not for the faint of heart. We Sink bring the aggression back into Hardcore music as well as the intensity that is lacking in today’s (so called) H/C scene. To top it all off, the packaging is great & in the vein of “old school” with the no band name cover that has a picture of what looks like a demented demonic skull & hand written song titles on the back cover, cut & paste style. Don’t hesitate, get onto Chorus of One immediately & buy a copy or two. (Vincent von Fuhkk).

Boozed – One Mile (Chorus of One)
This is one rockin’ album & if this doesn’t get your hips shaking or at least your toes a tappin’ then I guess you’re already dead. The song writing / arrangement is damn impressive, these guys obviously know what they’re doing & have listened to all the right albums of yesteryear, very influenced by 70’s riff rock. The vocals are strong, aggressive & dirty without being over bearing, all backed up by some powerful harmonies, it all melts together very well. Musically it’s definitely up beat, chock full of rockers & if your already a fan of big riffs with blazing solo’s you’ll dig this album, they even throw in some slide guitar which sounds great. Also doesn’t hurt having the Hellacopters (which I can’t help but think are very big influence on Boozed) very own Nicke Andersson lending his guitar work (apparently at his request) on the song “Circus. You’ll be wanting to purchase the vinyl edition too as it comes with 2 bonus tracks & a gatefold cover. (Vincent von Fuhkk).

Where I work, I have to listen to shit hip-hop gangsta bullshit music all fuckin’ day! Rap and Hip-Hop that has no substance. Shit about bitches and ho’s and pimpin’ rides n shit. It’s fuckin’ horrible. I have never been a fan of this stuff. I mean, sure, I dig some NWA (selected songs) and do listen to old school hip hop, in fact, for a full year in 1984, me and my brother watched the movie Beat Street every single day without fail but seriously, Beat Street is one of the coolest 80’s movies. ANYWAY, as I cannot stand the shit I have to listen to at work, I tried to meet the co-workers half way and asked them if they’d play DJ Z-Trip’s album, ‘Shifting Gears’. It’s an album that is inspired by 80’s Hip Hop with guest appearances from a bunch of different vocalists including Soup and Chuck D. (more…)