GREEDY MISTRESS – Interview and Review

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Album Review, Long Gone Loser Interview
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Italian sleaze merchants Greedy Mistress have been rocking crowds for a number of years now. I managed to get a hold of Drummer Carlo Leatherface aka the Housewife Hooker to get all the lowdown. Kickback, relax & enjoy this here interview by Vincent von Fuhkk.

Just to get formalities out of the way. Please give us a run down of the Greedy Mistress history?
Greedy Mistress was born in 2006, founded by our former singer and me. We wanted to make a punk rock/hardcore inspired rock band with influences taken from the late 60’s and early 70’s rock with a touch of heavy metal. We started looking for members and in a few months we were ready to play live. We recorded our first album during October of the same year, releasing it in March of 2007. Then we’ve worked on a split cd with Easygirls the following year. In the meanwhile we played some shows around Milan area and in northern Italy. At the end of 2008 we closed our first chapter and changed 2/4 of our line-up, Stefanino (our guitar player) and me were the only original members left. The second chapter of our story started in February 2009. After a while we started recording “A Compulsive Need Of You”, released later in April 2010. Thanks to this album we played around Italy and we’ve been on a 15 days tour across the Midwest of the USA. During our “career” we’ve shared the stage with bands like Bulemics, Jack Saints, Urinal Mints, Cripple Bastards, Raw Power, Nerds. This is our story so far…

As far as Italian bands go, all I know is Raw Power, Cripple Bastards, The Nerds & The Easygirls, … Apart from yourselves, how is the punk rock scene in Italy, any bands we should keep an ear out for?
The bands you mentioned mean a lot to the whole band and to me. Cripple Bastards is the best Italian band around nowadays. Raw Power has been one of the best historical Italian bands, known all over the World and even if today they are not as good, they really deserve a place in a hypothetical Italian hall of fame. Marco from the Nerds has been my mentor in my early days. He helped me since I was still playing with Long Dong Silver and helped Greedy Mistress until he left Italy. Too bad is so far away fromItalynow. The Easygirls are like our brothers. Now they are disbanded but we had the pleasure to play with them for their 10th birthday reunion. When they used to be an active band, we played a lot of live shows together and, as I said before, an EP.

Italian punk rock scene sucks. For real. There’s no fun, no continuity, no commitment. Just too many bands and no quality. Here in Milan the scene is really active, there are places to play and bands. But it doesn’t help. Everything is too spread out. You should rather spend your money and treat yourself to some reissues of great Italian soundtracks. If you have some more money to spend you could go for movies… you know… Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Fernando Di Leo, Dario Argento… There’s plenty of good and cheap restored DVDs. This is definitely something we can really be proud of.

Your album “Your Shoes, My Tongue” had a real snotty ’77 punk sound, with the departure of Paris & gaining new singer Mollu, you now have a harder slightly metal sound, was that a direction you wanted to take the music with getting a new singer?
Well, to be honest the “metal” influences have always been in our music. Leave out the singing part for a while and just concentrate on the music. The real difference about the sound on our two albums is about the production. Everything is more focused and more accurate, more powerful. Guitars are louder and right in your face and drums are pounding more and more. Mollu joined the band when almost the whole album was ready. We didn’t have to re-arrange the album to fit his voice in our tunes. Maybe they were more metal-oriented already, who knows…

But I can say that his style fits 100% perfectly our music, he’s more technical (in a good way), his voice has more power and he’s unbeatable during live shows. Anyway don’t worry, we are not throwing our hairs, we don’t have mullets, we always try to balance punk rock, hardcore, heavy metal, 70’s hard rock and 60’s garage rock.

Seeing you have a new singer, it’s good to see the sexual innuendo continue within the lyrics. Where does the lyrical content come from? Years of pent up sexual frustration or just the fact that majority of Euro Women are pretty darn smokin’?
If we change something about our lyrics contents we lose something of our formula. Lyrics are an integral part of our music. Also keep in mind I’m the lyricist of the band. So changing singer wasn’t a problem. Yeah Paris, used to write some really good lyrics but most of them were mine. That’s why nothing changed on that side. Most part of the inspiration for the lyrics is taken from Italian sexploitation movies and everyday life. There’s nothing about sexual frustrations nor about being some kind of Latin lovers. Lyrics are made as an analysis of our society, taking away any political point of view or serious tone. We use a b-movies-like way of speaking to make everything funnier.

I always liked the idea of using something entertaining to say something deeper. Like Romero with his zombies or Bukowski with his sordid short stories. You don’t need to be boring to say something interesting.

By the way, what is it with Mollu & wearing underwear on stage, does it enhance his package, for all the young women to drool over?
I think Mollu believes to be a real good looking guy. And not just that, but also a quite gifted one. To me is just a fat jerk, ahahaha!. Thankfully I almost never look in front of me when I play drums, so I don’t have to see his fat belly jumping. But keep in mind he’s not the only one who wears underwear (or gets naked). It seems like it has became a trademark of Greedy Mistress. Actually I’m the only one who always plays completely dressed from the beginning to the end of every single show. The real master of this art is Dadi, our bass player. Every time he’s in his underwear girls go literally crazy. Don’t believe it? Check out on Youtube our video at Kenosha, WIperforming GG Allin’s “Bite It You Scum”. Now listen carefully to the girls’ screams when they see his ass. That night a dozen of girls tried to rape him. And that wasn’t the only time…

You’ve recently toured the U.S, how did that get hooked up? Has the new album “A Compulsive Need of You” been distributed in the U.S yet?
We’ve done a wonderful tour across the Midwest of the USA for two weeks. Everything was managed by our big friend Bill from Urinal Mints and Finncade Shows. He helped us not just finding all the shows but he also made sure that everything worked perfectly during the whole tour. He found a great driver, our friend Curtis, with his beautiful van and kept everyday in touch with us to hear any news, good or bad, from us. He didn’t forget anything. It’s useless to say that such well organized tour went fabulously. Almost all shows were great and we had chance to meet great people (tasting some of the greatest Midwestern hospitality) and play in very nice places. I’m really glad of how it went and of being able to share such great moments with the actual band mates.

In the US the album “A Compulsive Need Of You” has been distributed just on some e-shops. And during our tour we sold a lot of copies. Anyway we can’t say we have a real American distribution BUT an American reissue has to be released very soon from Mystery School Records. It will contain also two bonus tracks, one of which is a cover from the Italian historical hardcore band 5° Braccio featuring Giulio The Bastard (Cripple Bastards).

Any sordid tales of debauchery, we really need the dirt man? How many yanky women got the full force of Italian sausage? You do have a song called “(Big) Members Only” after all.
Ahahaha!. I’m sorry to tell you I’m not into promiscuous sex. I hate all those STD-carrying bitches. Even though my girlfriend was with me during the tour, it’s a lost cause with me in any case. Mollu’s girlfriend was with us too but the only thing he could have fucked those days were the tons of food he was eating 24/7, non-stop. There was the remaining 2/4 of Greedy Mistress we have to talk about. On one side we had Stefanino 100% available and 100% horny, on the other side we had Dadi, nice, clean, funny but in a relationship and faithful. Dadi made fall in love at least 1 or 2 girls each night without doing ANYTHING at all, except getting naked on stage and every time a girl tried to have sex with him he refused, while Stefanino was trying to take advantage of these situations with no success. It was so funny to see this happen every night, over and over. There was Dadi breaking someone’s heart and Nino getting angrier and hornier day by day. And since sometimes Dadi had some problems with his English I was the chosen one to talk to those girls. That was such a privilege to give them the bad news. I’m sorry for those girls, Greedy Mistress’ sausages will remain a legend…

While on tour, no doubt it gets boring & irritating rather quickly driving hour after hour from City to City, how does one pass the time? Any good practical jokes? Does everyone gang up on the drummer haha!?
Since I’m the drummer I reply quickly to the last question to defend my honor. Among Greedy Mistress the only person we made fun of is Mollu. During his two years he drank hot pee, we made him believe the most absurd things ever, we insulted him as bad as we could. It’s so funny because it’s so easy. Dadi is the best one in this art. You also have to know that sometimes it’s hard to survive from Mollu’s monologues. He can go on and on talking of non-sense things until he loses his voice. Even when he sleeps he talks, I’m not joking. So our real problem was to survive from him. Everyone had his tactic but the best one was putting music really loud and making him believe we had fallen asleep. But don’t worry is not that hard, it’s like living near train rails or near loud factories. After a while you don’t even notice the noise. So it wasn’t that hard to travel from town to town. And the van was so comfortable. The best man on the van was Dadi and his funny Italenglish while he was trying to make Curtis understand his stories. Another great entertainment was watching Mollu eating anything he could and getting fatter and fatter day by day without exploding. I don’t know how he survived but after two days his skin was smelling like roasted chicken. He spent two weeks talking and eating. It’s inhuman.

You now have 2 full lengths & a split with fellow Italian band The Easygirls, what’s install for Greedy Mistress? Upcoming releases, tours etc?
As I said before, our album “A Compulsive Need Of You” will be re-released in the USA by Jon’s (from Antiseen) label, Mystery School Records. This will be our third album version in less than a year. The other two versions are the first and “regular” one, currently out of print (but you can find some copies on e-shops) and a special edition, released shortly after our return from our US tour with three bonus tracks, including two live songs taken from that tour. While this new version will be out, a brand new EP on 7” (including a CD with the same tracks) will be released. The labels involved are Average Man Records and (once again) Mystery School Records. Everything has already been recorded, mixed and mastered, so I will post the release date very soon on  About live shows… we have some shows planned here inItaly then we’ll try to hit some European countries here and there during these upcoming months. Once again, everything will be announced very soon on our website. After these maybe we’ll record something new and then we really hope to go back to the USA.

I just need to know Asia Argento or Sabrina Salerno? For me it would have to be Asia, not only has her Father made some great (Giallo’s) films, she is one hot mamma (She can be my greedy mistress any day haha!).
C’mon! Asia Argento sucks! Being Dario Argento’s daughter and looking like a pseudo-intellectual bitch doesn’t make her an interesting girl. To me Sabrina Salerno is the real one! After years she’s still the undisputed queen of 80’s. And what makes her better is that she still believes that is cool to be remembered for those years. Recently she made a TV show about those “good” ol’ days, to me it has become a true cult. There’s no matchup between these two girls. Sabrina wins. And watch her music hit! Who else did such garbage?! No way, she’s the best. Period.

Finally, what’s secret to good time rock n roll?
The real secret is not to follow all those clichés. They made rock’n’roll so boring and so predictable, even “cool” in a bad way. Be yourself, have fun and don’t follow all those rules. Musically and culturally speaking. Free yourself from this bullshit and you’ll have a whole lot of fun with rock’n’roll. This is the only secret.

So Vinnie is highly recommending these Italian rock n rollers and here’s his album review…

Greedy MistressA Compulsive Need Of You (Point Break)
Since their last release with the Easygirls (out on Average Man Records), Greedy Mistress find themselves with a new singer & with that has brought a slightly harder tougher rock sound mixed with some metal riffage that’ll have you fist pumping in no time. A bigger sound with some scorching guitar solos that’s driven along with some thumping drums & rumbling bass lines. There’s still the nasty innuendo tongue in cheek lyrical content in which these sleazoid Italians can only deliver which make A Compulsive Need of You a real fun album. This is good time rock n roll. Enjoy!


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