ACID KING – The Tote, Melbourne, October 10th, 2010

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Gig Review
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Back in the day, like the mid-90’s, I had this little distro thingo and I could order records in on the cheap and sell them to the people. Well, while doing this, I was ordering from a company called Mordam Records and one of the labels they looked after was Mans Ruin. I became hooked on Mans Ruin’s releases quite fast as they always had awesome cover art and had that “collectable” feel. I like well packaged stuff and since the artist behind the artwork of Mans Ruin was none other than San Francisco lowbrow legend, Frank Kozik, I tried to buy everything that I could from his label. I did alright, managed to score a good chunk of releases but there’s still a few I am missing.

One release I did get though was the 10″ record by a band called Acid King. I mean, let’s be honest here, the cover has boobs and pentagrams. Who would pass that up? I had no idea who Acid King were but the packaging sold me. I know, I’m such a male… but you get that. Anyway, I liked everything else that Mans Ruin had released so chances are I would have loved it anyway. And I did. I became engrossed in the slow doomy sludgey sounds of Acid King and then followed through and bought their 10″ record on Sympathy For The Record Industry. The hunt began to find more of Acid King’s music. The craziest thing of all is that when you listen to bands like this that are relatively unknown anywhere else in the world, you start thinking to yourself “there’s no way I will ever see them play” and you just go about your business, albeit uncomfortably, and live with the fact you can’t see every band that you want. Or something like that. So imagine my surprise when I look in the gig guide during the week and see that Acid King are touring Oz and playing Melbourne. Yeah, I was totally like “what the fuck?” and I had to see this band play. So today rolled around and off I went.

The band got on stage and began rockin’ at 8:30pm and played a good 90 minute set of ear damaging volume space travel rock n roll. This shit is trippy. It’s slow, it’s loud, it’s brutal, it’s sludgey, it’s Acid King. Think Kyuss but slower and a thousand times heavier with a female singer. Something like that. Crazy eh? It’s hard to get an understanding of it unless you experience it for yourself. I was right up the front to begin with but had to force myself back due to the severe ear damage I was no doubt putting myself through. Yeah, weak. Still, I did brave the 90 minutes and lived to tell the tale. Although the eeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise that’s in my ear is gonna make for fun times as I try to sleep tonight. Mind you, it coulda been worse but thankfully I wore ear plugs.

Acid King are pretty darn rockin’ for a band that doesn’t play fast. It doesn’t matter though cos they still have hooks and stuff to keep people diggin’, front row centre, swayin’ back and forth, just gettin’ into the vibe, know what I mean? It’s groovin’. I was pretty blown away just cos for a three piece, the sound freakin’ HUGE! Which is ironic considering vocalist, Lori, is about 5 feet 4 inches tall (not that I was measuring or anything). But for a short gal, she really let’s the audience have it. Sheer brutality. You love it.

After the show, the band casually hung around and talked with the punters about anything and everything. A nice cool vibe. Lovely people. Kickass band.


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