Posted: September 2, 2010 in Random Rant
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So what happens when you mix 2 awesome singer / songwriters with a kick ass country? You wind up with this interview. Shot during the band’s time in Japan earlier this year for the Summersonic festivals, you will find some interesting stories and anecdotes from Michael regarding the band and how they got together to kick out the jams and rock like fuck. This is pretty darn cool. Enjoy!

  1. KJM says:

    Strange to see Ginger sitting there as a bit-part player in an interview

  2. yuka says:

    Japnese Singer is Juichi Morishige!!
    He is great R&R SiNGER!!

  3. tnbtshr says:

    Do you guys know Japanese R&R band, The Dust’n’Bonez ?


    Juichi belongs to this R&R band.

  4. Kai says:

    Michael and Morishige appeared together on a TV program in Japan 20 years ago, too. Isn’t that great?

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