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It took them a long time to come to Australia but they finally made it. Was it worth the wait? Hell yes! What a night! I have dug Overkill for many years now (what metal fan hasn’t?) and I knew this was going to be a good show. The HiFi Bar was packed solid which was good to see. Overkill shirts were everywhere. Denim vests covered in patches were everywhere (I am guilty of this also). It was like 1986 all over again. Let’s get down to it.

Australia’s very own thrash band, Mortal Sin, played through a huge back catalogue of tunes for around an hour. Playing old classics and new thrashers. The first time I saw Mortal Sin was supporting Metallica at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide in 1989. It was pretty chaotic. My second gig (the first was AC/DC in ’88) and what could be more thrash than seeing Mortal Sin and Metallica in 1989? Mortal Sin did a good job, even if I think some of the new guitar solos were a bit stock, they still gave the fans a good time. The crowd were happy. But this was only just the beginning.

Overkill came on at 10:30 and they killed it. There’s no other way to describe just how good this band was. They were 1 guitarist down on this tour but they didn’t let that stop them being the masters of thrash metal that they are. They know they were important and they should be damn proud that they still are. Bobby Blitz is easily one of the greatest frontmen in Metal. Period! He’s up there with the best of them. Bursting full of high energy, you can tell he has an honest love for what he does. His connection to the audience was honourable. No rockstar bullshit. Just a dude who gives 110% to his role. I’ve seen a lot of metal bands over the years but I’ll say it again, this guy, hands down, is one of the best frontmen I have ever seen.

They covered their entire career which if you are unaware, has clocked up around 15 studio albums and then some. Quite impressive and a feat they are no doubt proud of. With his long time co-songwriter and bassist, D.D.Verni, they have the style and genre perfected. Why were they not part of this “Big 4” thing? Don’t get me wrong, I love those bands included in the “Big 4” but surely Overkill would give them all a run for their money. Anyway, the set included so many classics and newie’s like Rotten To The Core, Hello From The Gutter, Coma, Thanx For Nothin’, Wrecking Crew, In Union We Stand, Old School, Ironbound, Elimination, plus blistering covers of The Subhumans classic Fuck You! and Motorhead’s Overkill combined together. It was simply incredible. What a band! They played a set that clocked in at just under 2 hours. Well worth it! Hell yes, thanks for coming. I’d do this again, without fail.

Here’s a video I shot of the band performing Hello From The Gutter. Enjoy!


I was offered some freebie guest list action to last night’s show thanks to the good folk at Shiny. Pretty awesome considering I am a little broke at the moment due to paying bills, my loan off, etc. You get the drill. Anyway, for those who don’t know anything about Calling All Cars, they supported AC/DC on their Australian leg of the Black Ice tour and I reviewed their debut album on this site a few months back which you can read here.

I got to the venue around 9:30pm just as Young Revelry were to hit the stage. From the first note, these guys reminded me of The Black Angels from Austin, Tx but as the set went on, those similarities diminished and their sound became more like the grunge era; you know, Nirvana and stuff. They were alright. I didn’t mind them at all. Lots of wah pedal noise, reverb vocals and pounding drum beats. The guitarist needs a haircut though. Oh, and apparently, if you don’t like their music “you can fuck off”. That’s a direct quote.

Next up was Brisbane’s own Numbers Radio. Never even heard of these guys before (yes, I’m out of the loop) but they brought it bigtime. Good rock songs with high energy on the stage. Dudes were having fun and the guitarist is destined to be a rockstar. I liked their songs and the crowd did too. If I had money, I probably would have bought their CD to play on the radio show. But I don’t so I didn’t. They seemed to have made everyone happy and ready to rock. I’d like to hear them on record now to see if it lives up to their live show. Both the bassist and the guitarist have good voices that work well blended together. Good stuff guys!

Calling All Cars hit the stage in their first headline show at the Corner and they were stoked. The crowd were really into it and the band’s sound on stage was huge for a 3 piece. You could see how happy they were that all of this touring has paid off as they have perfected their live set over time and they have moved to that next level. I am sure they learned a lot from the AC/DC tour about upping your game to put your band that bit further ahead of the pack and it shows. Good stuff. Their set included all the hits from their “Hold, Hold, Fire!” album, a new song and a blistering cover of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll”. Nice one! They ended off the set with radio favourite, “Disconnect”, sending the crowd into a frenzy and then left the stage as the house lights rose and the venue emptied.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that The Wildhearts are a big deal to me and a bunch of my friends. Why? Just cos they have that something that so many other bands lack. They’re not doing a lot these days but frontman, Ginger, is still active as one of the guitarists in Michael Monroe’s solo band and he also fronts his own solo band. In fact, this solo band has a new album planned. Heaps good! ANYWAY, a good mate of mine, Nick, hosts a vote every week with Ginger where people on Twitter can vote for a movie to watch on the weekend and Nick will find it online and direct you where to watch it. Everything is on there and is yours for viewing. Anyway, it seemed fitting that Nick interviewed his cohort of cinematic bliss. Here is what transpired… take it away, Nick! (more…)

Let’s be honest here… I don’t listen to Soulfly. I couldn’t even tell you a single song title. Yeah, really. I mean, sure, I know who they are, I know that the dude’s from Sepultura and I know a lot of dude’s who wear basketball jersey’s, camo shorts and have shaved heads, goatee beards and baseball caps dig ’em, but other than that, I know nothing about them. But then on Tuesday night a message came through asking me if I wanted a free ticket. Of course I accepted cos who knows, maybe I’d dig it? So I got to the venue at around 8pm and met my friend and in we went.

The first band were playing. They were called Incite which isn’t the best of band names but then again, either is Spiders In The Biscuit Jar and at the time we thought that was awesome (we were kids so quit the laughing). Word on the street is that the vocalist is the son of Mr Sepultura himself, Max Cavalera. Incite were pretty good. They got the crowd ready and the inbetween song banter was amusing. I dunno about you, but personally, hearing someone scream “Heavy Fucking Metal!” in death metal voice just makes me laugh. Still though, not a bad set. Pretty heavy stuff with some good riffs.

City Of Fire came on next. These dudes were like a supergroup with members from Fear Factory, Hatebreed and Strapping Young Lad. That’s a pretty beefy sausage party right there. I didn’t know what to expect when they came on and immediately I was diggin’ it. I hadn’t heard a single song by these guys either so for me to get rocked without knowing any of the tunes I thought was quite cool indeed. These guys did an awesome version of The Cult’s “Rain” which I thought was a highlight of the entire night. It just sounded cool in the middle of so much testosterone.

Soulfly came on and the place started jumping immediately. They have that groovy metal sound that has jungle drums and stuff to get people pogo-ing like they were at a Sex Pistols show in ’77. The driving beats and rhythm of each song had everyone dancing from the first chord til the last. I have to say, I liked ’em. It was groovy. You could totally move to it. The only downfall was the amount of douchebags there. I mean, really? Being a tough guy drunk fuckwit pushing people around because you are metabolism-challenged is not cool. Whatever. Cavalera had the crowd in his palm and gave them everything they wanted including the Sepultura classic, “Roots”, in the encore along with crowd favourite, “Eye For An Eye”. It was a great set and the crowd loved it. Seemed the people were more than happy. And Max has crazy dreads.

Besides the few who got into “tough guy” phase, the show was most awesome and I am a converted fan. Granted, you won’t see me in a basketball jersey anytime soon but I was definitely impressed. Awesome stuff.

So what happens when you mix 2 awesome singer / songwriters with a kick ass country? You wind up with this interview. Shot during the band’s time in Japan earlier this year for the Summersonic festivals, you will find some interesting stories and anecdotes from Michael regarding the band and how they got together to kick out the jams and rock like fuck. This is pretty darn cool. Enjoy!