I found this on another video. This must be from the late 80’s. Here in Australia, this show, Hard Copy, was shown on our TV’s on Friday nights. It was kind of like an entertainment meets current affairs type show and would always have some kind of sleazy segment on the show. Whether it’s a segment on Playboy Playmates,¬†drug lords, or in this case, Heavy Metal Groupies,¬†this show always delved into the stuff the prime time shows ignored. For some reason I saw this show a lot and I must have¬†taped this after seeing it mentioned on the commercial breaks.

I have always found the groupie stories to be amusing and at times quite weird. Like, I’ve read the stuff that happened in Motley Crue’s book, “The Dirt”, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I have¬†heard what happens backstage at A Perfect Circle shows, I have been told some real degrading things that have¬†happened¬†backstage¬†from friends whose band’s have been the support group for the likes of System Of A Down… and time and time again, they always make me wonder just who is worse: the bands or the girls willing to do it. Alas, after dating a couple groupies (well, they claimed they weren’t but it’s clear they were), I quickly got over the whole groupie thing. To me, I just don’t get it but that’s not saying it’s wrong, just that I don’t see the appeal to it. I don’t understand why my ex-girlfriends are attracted to guys in bands,¬†and then to top it all off, once they¬†got¬†a guy in a band, they then cheated on them anyway.¬†Kinda like those band members¬†do to their wives and girlfriends¬†while they are out on tour.¬†Maybe the¬†ex-girlfriends were rebelling against this and decided to take back the power? Or something. Except this was a role reversal that worked against people like me. Thus the break-ups. Anyway, I rewatched this video and tried to get an understanding. It still makes no sense to me. Maybe I’m just weird.

Oh, and just how good is Grand Funk Railroad? Yeah, heaps good. You know it.

  1. Malissa Bare says:

    Crazy! Jeannie is one of my best friends. Had no idea this existed!

    • longgoneloser says:

      That’s cool. She has great taste in music.

    • Liselle Sloan says:

      I’m glad to know she’s still around! This video’s first band, Badlands, had a lead singer who had AIDS, and it seemingly shows her sitting in the audience. There are more than a few who say he was still sleeping with women at the time, though I certainly hope this was not the case!

    • liselle sloan says:

      Do you happen to know if she slept with the lead singer of Badlands (the first band here)?–he was gorgeous, talented–and HIV-positive.

  2. Liselle Sloan says:

    Hey, I did not to put my email as my name! Please put in Liselle instead! Thanks.

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