I remember the day I discovered Man Or Astro-man? The singer of Undertone, Grover, and myself were record shopping in Adelaide sometime in the mid 90’s and he purchased a 7″ record called “Inside The Head Of Mr Atom” (Estrus, 1995). Grover always had mixed tapes playing in his car and one time Man Or Astro-man were playing and I asked who they were. He had read about this band, I think, in Maximum Rock N Roll or something. Or maybe he just bought that record out of curiousity cos after all, the Art Chantry designed cover does look cool. ANYWAY, I was into it immediately and bought an LP called “Destroy All Astro-men!” (Estrus, 1994). This LP was awesome and totally blew my mind. I was hooked in immediately to their instro insanity and the whole retro deal with the samples from old sci-fi movies and the echo twang of their guitars. Plus, how could you ignore a band whose band members have names like Birdstuff, Dr. Deleto and his Invisible Vaporation, Star Crunch and Coco The Electric Monkey Wizard? These guys were pure genius! I always hoped I would get to see them live and the chance to did come my way when they toured Australia supporting You Am I back in the late 90’s. Unfortunately for me, at this same time, I became really sick and missed the show. Sources told me it was awesome and one of the band members played a show with a TV on his head with his face where the screen would be. How awesome is that? I still haven’t seen Man Or Astro-man live but this video was sent to me on good ole VHS tape so I decided to upload it and share it with you now as it is quite enjoyable and even has a vocal performance. Enjoy!

Estrus Records
Man Or Astro-man?


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