Posted: August 14, 2010 in Random Rant
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I was going through my old video tapes and stumbled across this. After re-watching this I knew I had to upload it for all to see. Right here we have a classic interview with Nicke and Boba from Sweden’s greatest rock n roll band, The Hellacopters, being interview by Australian Idol host, Andy G. Why do you need to see this interview? Because it’s funny. It’s quite clear that Andy G doesn’t really know a lot about rock n roll besides seeing KISS in concert. But I have met dudes who have 6 year old kids who like KISS too so it doesn’t really count. Anyway, this interview shows a very disinterested Nicke and Boba be subjected to questions about the weather and why they chose to see an AC/DC video. Seriously. This is quality journalism. Not that I am any better but there’s so much to the Hellacopters history that could be spoken about. Either way, click, watch, laugh and share.

Andy G: “Why AC/DC?”
Nicke: “Why? Cos it’s good?”

Visit the Hellacopters online at:
To check out the Tym Guitars that Nicke endorses in this interview, visit:


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