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Hunting through all my video tapes, I came across this little gem of a video of the almighty Devil Dogs. I remember the day I discovered the Devil Dogs, I ordered some records by the New Bomb Turks and also a 7″ called “Radio Beat” by the Devil Dogs all cos the review that was in the Spiral Objective Mailorder catalogue said it was great. I was randomly buying records back then and I was stoked when I played “Radio Beat” and immediately found the Devil Dogs to reek of awesomeness. Heaps good! I then hunted down CDs, LPs, etc. anything at all that I could find of this awesome band. Unfortunately, I don’t think they ever got the attention they so deserved. An extremely underrated band. I have a bunch of videos of these guys and each show is really 100% high energy rock n roll. This short spot was not on YouTube anywhere and I felt it shouldn’t go unwatched. So here it is… another gem found in the Long Gone Loser archives. Have fun.

Highly recommended Devil Dogs listening is the album “Saturday Night Fever” (Crypt Records). Hunt it down and crank it up cos it’s an excellent batch of kick ass songs.


So tonight I saw The Domnicks. For those not in the know, The Domnicks combine the guitar twangin’ talents of Dom Mariani (The Stems / DM3 / Someloves) and Nick Sheppard (The Cortinas / The Clash) and together with Howard Shawcross (The Elks / The Jackals) on bass and Marz Frisina (DM3 / The Calhoons) on drums, they make a blend of blues swagger and rock n roll. If you’ve been tuned in to this site, you may recall my review of their “Hey Rock ‘N’ Roller” mini-album that came out on Off The Hip. If not, here it is again:

THE DOMNICKS – “Hey Rock ‘N’ Roller” (Off The Hip)
Dom Mariani (The Stems) and Nick Shepherd (The Clash, replacing Mick Jones when he went off to that Big Audio Dynamite shit) have gotten together to dish up a nice little mini-album of melodic garage rock n rollers. It definitely has that UK R&B soul from the 60’s and early 70’s and the track ‘Already There’ reminds me heaps of Grand Funk. Works for me! I love that shit. Mixed by the team of Rob Younger (Radio Birdman) and Wayne Connolly (The Welcome Mat), they have given The Domnicks a superb sound that is a sure fire hit and destined to be a fave for years to come. You see, truth be told, I am not the biggest Stems fan. I mean, I like ‘em but I am not a diehard “The Stems Are The Greatest!” type of guy so for me to praise this, you gotta trust me that I aint doing it for the cred. I am pissing in these guys pockets cos this is a really good record, well, CD. There’s not a dud track in these 8 songs. That’s pretty good bang for your buck in a world where people are buying singular tracks cos so many albums these days are filled with filler cos bands have gotten lazy. A solid release from these cats and I hope to see a follow up in the not to distant future cos these 8 tracks… I mean, a mini album? Really? Who does mini albums these days? Full length please.

I was pretty happy to hear they were coming to Melbourne to play a show and arrived to the Spanish Club all excited to hear tracks from this CD played live. Sadly, the turn out tonight wasn’t huge. A real shame cos this venue was quite big so with only around 50 punters, it looked quite empty. Plus, a lot of people chose to sit down while the band played which must have made the band feel really awkward. I mean, to be up on stage rockin’ out and getting into it and watching a handful of people dancing up the front and enjoying the band while a bunch of people were sitting 30 metres away against the back wall must make you feel a bit shitty. A bit rude to our friends from Western Australia but oh well… who am I to judge, anyway? Still though, The Domnicks gave it their all. It was cool to see! The songs sounded great and as the gig went on, the show got better and more people got groovin’. I liked it. Really. It was a gas and the tunes were a treat. I was glad to have been there. If they pass through your town, by all means go see them. It’s good honest rock n roll from people who do it cos they give a damn. Hell yeah!

 For anyone who has been following the life and times of Long Gone Loser (aka Me), you’re no doubt familiar with a few things that have become a staple part of my life: 1) I listen to a lot of music. 2) I love Japan. 3) I have far too much time on my hands and therefore spend countless hours scouring the shelves of JB Hi-Fi looking for new trashy films to watch. This brings us to a lovely review of a film that mixes my love for Japan, trashy horror films, and hot Japanese girls all together in one instant classic film. And why not? Exactly. The Machine Girl (Directed by Noboru Iguchi) was one of those movies that stood out to me from the shelves. The cover just looked awesome. So awesome in fact that I need to find a poster of this for my office wall… but I digress. I grabbed the DVD off the shelf and flipped it over to read the blurb on the back. Immediately I was taken in. All points were checked and the $12.95 price tag was just perfect. So tonight I decided to sit back and watch The Machine Girl; a movie about a school girl named Ami Hyuga whose brother, Yu, gets killed by Sho Kimura (played by Nobuhiro Nishihara), the son of a Yakuza boss. Yu gets mixed up in some dodgy scheme or something and owes money. Why? I don’t know. It’s never explained. But it doesn’t matter cos Ami (played by the extremely cute Minase Yashiro) goes on a trail of revenge, carving up anyone who gets in her way and that’s fine by me. I guess I’m easily pleased.

The film kicks off with a huge bloodbath as the credits roll and we see Ami destroy and brutalise some bullies. It immediately hooks you in, that is, if you like slice and dice bloodbaths and enjoy watching a hot Japanese girl with a machine gun for her arm destroy and mutilate the bodies of her enemies. And I do. Ami teams up with Miki (played by the uber hot Asami), the mother of Yu’s best friend, Takeshi, and together they take on the Yakuza armed with a chainsaw, guns, swords, the whole deal. What you get is a complete rampage of blood and guts as the 2 Japanese babes become slashers and slice up a limb flyin’ gorefest as they fight towards victory. You excited yet? You should be. This is Japanese wackyness at its best.

Sure, at times the effects are a bit over the top but for this type of movie, you just have to suspend disbelief and just accept it for what it is: A hell of a good time! Sure, there are people who will be quick to scream “Planet Terror!” but you know what? The USA has stolen so much from Asia that I guess it’s payback time, even though this film has no zombies and the gun sits on her arm, not her leg (although Miki uses a chainsaw on her leg… but still, it’s different). The fight scenes are completely brutal and at times ridiculous but it’s welcomed due to the film’s style and idiom that is used throughout.

Now without spoiling the movie by revealing the entire plot, I shall say that this movie is heaps enjoyable. Director Iguchi has made a film that I wish I had made. It’s funny, it’s over the top, it’s horrific, it’s silly, it’s gory, it has hot Japanese babes including one wearing a drill bra (think about it), there’s Sushi fingers, and finally, it’s non-stop action from the opening credits til the final showdown. Oh, and it even pays homage to the classic film from 1977, “Master Of The Flying Guillotine” which was most awesome to see acknowledged. Everything about this film made me love Japan even more than I already do. If you are into cult films, or you just simply want to watch something that differs from the tripe coming out of the USA, then this will suit your lonely dateless Friday night just fine. I loved it and would even go as far to say that it is highly recommended viewing.

Watch the trailer here:

So back in the day, around 1989 I think, this was shown on TV here in Australia. Page One was a current affairs type program that played on late night television on Channel 10. I remember the night clearly: I was in the lounge room laying on the floor, my mate was sitting on the couch and my mum was on another couch, we were all watching. I guess my mum knew we were all into metal and she wanted to take an interest in what we were listening to, or something. So here we were, sitting down and ready to watch a program that was going to warn my own mum about the music I was listening to. Now, 21 years later, found on some tape with the words “Heavy Metal” written on the label, you can watch this piece of visual history as Page One takes you through a look at the likes of Metallica and Judas Priest being blamed for the suicides of teenage kids.

Part 1

Part 2

I really like how they mention Venom too… those lyrics are gold! In fact, so much that I am gonna have to listen to Black Metal as I write this. See, Venom can be associated with anything. So good! I remember the day when I found the Satanic messages that are in the Venom song ‘In League With Satan’. Me and my brother were stoked. So much in fact that we showed my mum who, sadly, wasn’t so enthusiastic. Her words were something along the lines of “Well that’s bloody nice, isn’t it?” and then she walked off. She doesn’t seem to share the same appreciation for Venom as her sons. I guess it’s a bit more full on than the Beatles messages of “Paul Is Dead… Miss Him… Miss Him!” Either way, Venom are still awesome. But I digress. This archival piece is pretty darn awesome and includes exclusive interviews with Lars Ulrich, Rob Halford and some dude named Rocky.

So there we have it… another relic found in the archives of the Long Gone Loser video collection. I hope you enjoy this piece of heavy metal history. Have fun!

Side note: Does anyone know the garage thrash band featured in this special? Always wanted to know who they were. Especially cos they have fans who saw off their casts, live in middle class suburbia and all seem to like Overkill.

I love Japan, it’s as simple as that. I have been there a number of times and you really can’t beat the awesomeness of the place. It’s like one giant amusement park with lots of bright lights, nice people and great music. This video below was a segment from a TV show on Japanese culture that was screened on Australian TV about 15 years ago. I think this video is the one thing that kicked off my fascination with Japan. I had been discovering the whole Estrus Records thing with my first purchase of Japanese rock n roll being a 7″ by The’s called ‘I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield’ (ES750), bought purely because I also have a fascination with the life of Jayne Mansfield; my favourite blonde bombshell who sadly saw her fate in a car crash on June 29, 1967 at the young age of 34 (yeah, I am such a Jayne geek that I actually know that). ANYWAY, upon receiving the record in the mail, I played the wax immediately and became intrigued with Japanese rock n roll. There was something cool and quirky about this band, The’s, and I needed to hear more. Oh, and yeah, the drummer’s hot.

One day while shopping in Thrash Grind & Grunge, I was talking to part time worker (and Smash it Up radio host), Dave Manning, about rock n roll and he advised me that on SBS that night (SBS is a TV channel in Australia that shows many foreign shows) there was going to be a special on Japan and in particular, there would be a segment on The’s and Japanese rock n roll. When I got home, I set up the video and recorded this special on Japan. Now, rediscovered on a grubby old VHS tape 15 years later, direct from the Long Gone Loser Archives, I bring to you the highlight of the show… the 10 minute segment that focuses on the lives of The’s.

The’s most notably got some stardom with their cameo in the Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill, where the girls run through renditions of ‘Woo Hoo’, ‘I’m Blue’ and ‘I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield’. It’s good to see the band finally get the recognition they so deserve and I hope it made people search out more great bands from the land of the rising sun because believe me, that country has some of the best rock n roll bands on the planet.

From here, my fascination of Japanese rock n roll grew and I discovered such great bands as Guitar Wolf, The Jet Boys, The Pebbles, Supersnazz, Sit & Spin, Puffy, MAD 3, Boris, Jackie & The Cedrics, Gasoline, Estrella 20/20, The Switch Trout and many more. It’s all good! If you’re not hip, now’s the time. Look ’em up. You’re gonna have a ball!

Estrus Records
Jayne Mansfield

Sometime in the mid to late 90’s, there was this awesome record store in Adelaide called Thrash Grind & Grunge. It was also home to Dominator Records; a label that was home to such bands as The Mark Of Cain, Bloodsucking Freaks, Grunter, and Truth Corroded, just to name a few. Each week I’d go there and snap up bargains and buy records and all that stuff. It was pretty awesome. You could easily unload wads of cash at this place and walk out with some serious rarities at ridiculous prices. It was definitely my favourite record store at the time and I even did some part time work there. ANYWAY, one day, a Thrash Grind & Grunge regular named Kami decided to open a book store next door. He named the store Factotum Books and started selling alternative books, trash magazines, crime fiction and most famously, paintings, postcards and other such memorabilia from serial killers. It attracted a lot of attention and raised a few eyebrows. The fuzz took notice of this small shop’s infamous wares on sale and the journalistic heroism of the current affairs program Today Tonight decided to do a story on this new controversial store in Adelaide. Here’s that story:

Sadly, Factotum Books no longer exists and either do half the serial killers whose paintings and memorabilia were being sold so if you were lucky enough to buy a painting of clowns or birds, you are indeed the proud owner of some rare collectable art that is hopefully worth more than you paid for it.

“I guess rockstars got boring.” – Campbell McInnes

I remember the day I discovered Man Or Astro-man? The singer of Undertone, Grover, and myself were record shopping in Adelaide sometime in the mid 90’s and he purchased a 7″ record called “Inside The Head Of Mr Atom” (Estrus, 1995). Grover always had mixed tapes playing in his car and one time Man Or Astro-man were playing and I asked who they were. He had read about this band, I think, in Maximum Rock N Roll or something. Or maybe he just bought that record out of curiousity cos after all, the Art Chantry designed cover does look cool. ANYWAY, I was into it immediately and bought an LP called “Destroy All Astro-men!” (Estrus, 1994). This LP was awesome and totally blew my mind. I was hooked in immediately to their instro insanity and the whole retro deal with the samples from old sci-fi movies and the echo twang of their guitars. Plus, how could you ignore a band whose band members have names like Birdstuff, Dr. Deleto and his Invisible Vaporation, Star Crunch and Coco The Electric Monkey Wizard? These guys were pure genius! I always hoped I would get to see them live and the chance to did come my way when they toured Australia supporting You Am I back in the late 90’s. Unfortunately for me, at this same time, I became really sick and missed the show. Sources told me it was awesome and one of the band members played a show with a TV on his head with his face where the screen would be. How awesome is that? I still haven’t seen Man Or Astro-man live but this video was sent to me on good ole VHS tape so I decided to upload it and share it with you now as it is quite enjoyable and even has a vocal performance. Enjoy!

Estrus Records
Man Or Astro-man?